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Rural Health Information Hub

Introducing the Rural Suicide Prevention Toolkit

Duration: approximately minutes

Featured Speakers

Carrie Henning-Smith Carrie Henning-Smith, PhD, MPH, MSW, Deputy Director, University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
Scott LoMurray Scott LoMurray, MBA, Executive Director, Sources of Strength
Catherine Barber Catherine Barber, MPA, Senior Researcher, Harvard Injury Control Research Center and Director, Means Matter
Adam D. Swanson Adam D. Swanson, MPP, Senior Prevention Specialist, Suicide Prevention Resource Center operated by EDC

The Rural Health Information Hub and the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center will present the Rural Suicide Prevention Toolkit, designed to support organizations implementing suicide prevention programs in rural communities. This webinar will provide an overview of suicide and identify strategies to overcome challenges specific to rural communities. It will discuss evidence-based and promising models to help rural communities develop successful suicide prevention programs, as well as lessons learned related to establishing and sustaining rural programs.