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Caring for Colorado Foundation Grants

Caring for Colorado Foundation
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis

720.524.0770 or 800.463.7713


Caring for Colorado Foundation Grants fund projects that improve or increase access to affordable and available community health programs and services. The most competitive proposals will target an underserved population with a documented community need for the proposed project.

Priority funding areas include:

  • Healthy children and youth
    • Promote children’s social, emotional and physical development
    • Improve access to high quality school-based health services for children and adolescents
    • Capital funding for school-based health services
    • Develop and strengthen behavioral health programming within schools and school-based health centers
  • Oral health
    • Increase access to dental healthcare through programs like school-based dental sealants, co-location services, and maternal and child health preventive services
    • Dental clinic operations including staff, equipment and supplies
    • Capital funding for expansions, renovations, or the development of new points of care
    • Dental health policy and advocacy
    • Explore, develop and promote new models of oral health care that address the needs of the underserved
  • Mental health
    • Increase access to behavioral healthcare through innovative, integrated card delivery models, such as telehealth
    • Increase the quality of behavioral healthcare
    • Increase the availability of community-based mental health programs for underserved populations
  • Healthcare workforce
    • Health professional training that recruits and trains students from diverse backgrounds
    • Community college programs that work to attract and retain non-traditional, rural, and minority students
  • Community health
    • Strengthening the capacity of the healthcare safety net
    • Capital funding for construction and equipment
    • Policy and advocacy for the healthcare delivery system
    • Reducing barriers to healthcare access
    • Transportation services
    • Translation services
    • Patient navigation
    • Health education

Applications will be accepted from:

  • Charitable nonprofit organizations with tax-exempt classification
  • Tax-supported institutions including state or local governments or schools
Geographic coverage
Amount of funding

The amount granted to an organization varies depending on many factors including a project's total budget and the potential impact of the proposed interventions. Foundation staff members are available to discuss specific project needs prior to submission of a proposal. The Foundation favors proposals that include broad community support, additional funders and an indication of how the program or project will be sustained after the grant is finished.

Application process

Program guidance and links to necessary application forms are available on the program website.

Caring for Colorado Foundation has two deadlines annually for grantmaking:

  • The second Friday in March
  • The first Friday in October
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