Telehealth Network Grant Program (TNGP)

This funding record is inactive. Please see the program website or contact the program sponsor to determine if this program is currently accepting applications or will open again in the future.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number: 93.211
Federal Office of Rural Health Policy
Feb 13, 2013

For business, administrative, or fiscal questions:
Benoit Mirindi, Grants Management Specialist

For programmatic questions:
Carlos Mena


The primary objective of the Telehealth Network Grant Program is to demonstrate how telehealth programs and networks can improve access to quality health care services in rural and underserved communities. Applicants are encouraged to develop innovative applications that meet new and emerging needs in a changing health care delivery system with a focus on value and improved health care outcomes.

Grantees should demonstrate how telehealth networks improve healthcare services for medically underserved populations in urban, rural, and frontier communities.

TNGP networks are used to:

  • Expand access to, coordinate, and improve the quality of health care services
  • Improve and expand the training of health care providers
  • Expand and improve the quality of health information available to health care providers, and patients and their families, for decisionmaking

Projects selected for funding must provide clinical services for which performance measures can be developed. In particular, an emphasis on clinical services that focus on one or more of the chronic disease states of high priority (i.e. congestive heart failure, cancer, stroke, chronic respiratory disease and/or diabetes) is strongly recommended.


Eligible applicants include rural or urban nonprofit entities that will provide services through a telehealth network. Each entity participating in the networks may be a nonprofit or for-profit entity. Faith-based, community-based organizations, and tribal organizations are eligible to apply. Services must be provided to rural communities, although the applicant can be located in an urban area.

The Telehealth Network shall include at least two of the following entities (at least one of which shall be a community-based health care provider):

  • Community or migrant health centers or other federally qualified health centers
  • Health care providers, including pharmacists, in private practice
  • Entities operating clinics, including rural health clinics
  • Local health departments
  • Nonprofit hospitals, including community (critical) access hospitals
  • Other publicly funded health or social service agencies
  • Long-term care providers
  • Providers of health care services in the home
  • Providers of outpatient mental health services and entities operating outpatient mental health facilities
  • Local or regional emergency health care providers
  • Institutions of higher education
  • Entities operating dental clinics

Applicants should have a successful track record in implementing telehealth technology and have a network of partners in place and committed to the project as of the date of application. Signed Memorandum of Agreements (MOA) from network partners committed to the proposed project must be included in the application. Applicants failing to submit verifiable information with respect to the commitment of network partners, including specific roles, responsibilities, and clinical services to be provided, will not be funded.

Geographic coverage
Amount of funding

Total Funding Available: $2,250,000
Grant Ceiling: $250,000 per year, up to three years
Number of Awards: Up to 9

Application process

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