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Community Economic Development Projects

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number: 93.570
Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Jul 17, 2024

For programmatic or technical questions:
Chanel Jackson

For grants management or budget questions:
Tim Chappelle


The Community Economic Development (CED) program provides funding for projects aimed at business development opportunities and creating employment for low-income individuals located in geographic areas with a demonstrated need. Priority points will be awarded to projects that will create jobs in rural communities with high rates of poverty, unemployment, or substance use disorder, or hire individuals with low income from rural communities to fill positions created.

CED projects must:

  • Be ready to implement at the time of award
  • Create a minimum number of jobs for individuals with low incomes that result in increased self-sufficiency
  • Create or expand businesses that promote economic revitalization in low-income communities
  • Attract additional public and private funds to increase investment and quality of life in low-income communities
  • Promote equity in underserved communities

Funds can be used for construction and non-construction purposes, and business start-up and expansion activities. Examples of past projects include:

  • Expansion or construction of a community health center
  • Senior outreach services
  • Establishment of a satellite clinic
  • Development of supermarkets and healthy foods businesses
  • Workforce redevelopment program
  • Learning centers

To be eligible for the CED program, an applicant must meet all 3 conditions:

  1. Applicant must be a private, nonprofit Community Development Corporation (CDC) with 501(c)(3) status
  2. Applicant must have articles of incorporation or bylaws demonstrating that the CDC has as a principal purpose of planning, developing, or managing low-income housing or community development activities
  3. The Board of Directors must have representation from each of the following: community residents, business leaders, and civic leaders.
Geographic coverage
Amount of funding

Award ceiling: $800,000
Award floor: $100,000
Expected number of Awards: 15
Total program funding: $15,200,000

Application process

Links to the full announcement, application instructions, and the online application process are available through

CED resource page

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