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North Dakota Health Information Technology Fund

Bank of North Dakota
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis

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The Health Information Technology Fund provides low-interest loans to healthcare entities in North Dakota for health information technology infrastructure projects.

Eligible projects include:

  • Purchase, installation, and/or support of software and hardware required to implement a fully functional, standards-based, interoperable electronic health records system
  • Electronic medication history and electronic patient medical history information system
  • Electronic personal health records for persons with chronic diseases and for prevention services
  • Electronic prescribing
  • Other electronic systems needed to meet meaningful use as defined in HIT's program guidance review criteria section

North Dakota healthcare providers that meet borrowing requirements.

Geographic coverage
North Dakota
Amount of funding

Hospitals and multi-professional entities can apply for up to $625,000.

Stand-alone individual practitioners not affiliated with a multi-professional entity provider system or network can apply for up to $125,000.

Entities with 3 or more provider-owned facilities can apply for $1,250,000.

Application process

Links to additional guidance and application procedures are available on the program website.

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