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Illinois Rural Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Program

This funding record is inactive. Please see the program website or contact the program sponsor to determine if this program is currently accepting applications or will open again in the future.

Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois State Medical Society
May 1, 2023

Donna Gallivan


The Rural Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Program awards scholarships to registered nurses seeking to become nurse practitioners in return for service in a rural community in Illinois.


Eligible applicants must be:

  1. Illinois residents
  2. Registered nurses
  3. Accepted into a university nurse practitioner program
Geographic coverage
Amount of funding

Recipients get $4,000 in return for 2 years of service in a rural Illinois community.

Recipients are eligible to receive more than one year of funding by reapplying. Recipients must serve 2 years for each year they receive the scholarship.

Application process

A link to the application packet is available when applications are being accepted. Mail the completed application form to:

Rural Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Program
Illinois Farm Bureau
P.O. Box 2901
1701 Towanda Avenue
Bloomington, IL 61701

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