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Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples Community Vitality Grants

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, Inc. (SGF)
Dec 2, 2024

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples Community Vitality Grants provide funding to native community-based projects in the areas of:

  • Traditional foodways that bring vitality, food sovereignty, food security, and support for subsistence food strategies to our communities
  • Community-based healing rooted in traditional health and healing, community wellness, and ceremonial practices.
  • Language revitalization and creative expression that strengthens cultural identity and intergenerational learning and builds community cohesion, including tribal language revitalization, communications, fluency, creativity, and arts development
  • Traditional wisdom and cultural knowledge sharing practices which restore indigenous identities, knowledge systems and practices, cultural mapping and curriculum development, and culturally rooted leadership development

Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Emerge from and are led by the indigenous peoples served and who are impacted by the issues, methods, and outcomes
  2. Nurture and center the culture, language, values, traditional knowledge systems, and healthy lifeways of the indigenous Peoples involved in and served by the project
  3. Have 80% or more indigenous Peoples in decision-making leadership as the Board of Directors or other decision-making entity, and have an indigenous executive director, all Indigenous co-directors/project leaders, and indigenous peoples engaged throughout all aspects of the organization
  4. Are an SGF Affiliate Project, a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, a federally-recognized tribal nation project, or have a fiscal sponsor
  5. Have a project budget of less than $500,000. Community-based organizing projects are prioritized.
  6. Are in good standing with Seventh Generation Fund without reports due or outstanding issues
Geographic coverage
Amount of funding

Up to $50,000 with the average grant award between $20,000 - $30,000

Application process

Links to additional guidance and the online application portal are available on the program website.

Tagged as
American Indian or Alaska Native · Community and faith-based initiatives · Culture and cultural competency · Food security and nutrition · Wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention

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