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Sponsoring Conference Participation for Organizations in New York

New York State Health Foundation
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis

Building healthy communities and veterans health:
Liz Ward

Empowering healthcare consumers:
Jannel Tillman

Technical questions regarding the online application system:
Elena Pereira


This program sponsors community-based organizations, health departments, and other low-resource organizations to attend and present at local, state, and national conferences related to building healthy communities, empowering healthcare consumers, and meeting the needs of returning veterans and their families.

The most qualified proposals will demonstrate:

  • That conference subject matter, sessions, or speakers relate to NYSHealth's work in building healthy communities, empowering health care consumers, or meeting the needs of returning veterans and their families
  • That conference attendance for the organization may shape current work, raise professional awareness, set the stage for future work, or build the field
  • That the conference agenda, sessions, and speakers are relevant to the organization's work
  • Why the specific conference is cost-prohibitive to the organization and why NYSHealth funding is needed

A rural health conference is listed as one of the approved events.


Eligible applicants include health departments, community-based organizations, nonprofits, and other low-resource organizations in New York. Government agencies may apply through their fiduciary agents with nonprofit 501(c)(3) status.

Geographic coverage
New York
Amount of funding

Up to $4,000 for 2 conference attendees, or $2,000 per person, is available. Scholarship funding may be used to cover the cost of registration fees, travel and lodging, and incidentals.

Application process

Links to application instructions and online applications by program area are available on the program website.

Applications must be submitted 6 weeks before the conference start date to be considered for funding.

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Health workforce education and training · Healthcare facilities · Healthcare needs and services · Public health · Veterans · New York

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