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National Association of Realtors Rural Outreach Grant

National Association of Realtors
Oct 15, 2024

The Rural Outreach Grant will provide funding for state and local realtor association initiatives on a wide range of rural issues.

Level 1 grants support efforts to educate realtors and the public about rural issues. Level 2 grants support initiatives, such as studies, events, public outreach on rural issues in partnership with public and private stakeholders.

Priority issues include:

  • Broadband
  • Well/Septic/Sewer
  • Farmland/Open Space Preservation
  • Protection Overlay Districts
  • Rural Zoning
  • Natural Disasters
  • Transportation
  • Land Use
  • Affordable housing

Project ideas include:

  • Host a speaker to discuss a challenge impacting your community
  • Hold a class or training on issues impacting the community
  • Conduct a survey to gauge residents' opinions on growth/development and priority issues
  • Organize a series of educational sessions with each session focusing on a different issue impacting rural communities
  • Develop materials to educate association members, or for members to distribute to their clients and potential homebuyers
  • Conduct a survey to gauge resident's opinions on the need for broadband and how the lack of broadband is impacting them
  • Bring in a speaker to discuss how other rural communities brought broadband to their communities
  • Bring in a speaker to discuss best practices and regulations for well/septic
  • Develop disaster prevention educational materials to distribute to residents and homebuyers
  • Conduct a public forum/town hall to discuss disaster prevention information

Eligible applicants are state and local realtor associations. Rural providers, facilities, and programs could approach local realtor associations with potential projects.

Geographic coverage
Amount of funding

Up to $3,000 for level 1 projects and $7,500 for level 2 projects

Application process

Links to addition guidance and the online applications are provided on the program website.

Tagged as
Community and economic development · Emergency preparedness and response · Environmental health · Housing and homelessness · Infrastructure · Transportation · Wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention

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