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Southwest Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention, and Education Pilot/Feasibility Program

Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention, and Education
May 15, 2024

Kevin Moore, PhD

Amanda Wickman, MBA


The Southwest Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention, and Education will provide funding for research projects to promote health and safety in agriculture, forestry, and fishing (AgFF) occupations in the southwest region.

Program goals:

  • Identify and mentor new/junior researchers to conduct innovative research, intervention, and translation projects in AgFF worker safety/health
  • Support projects that provide data for innovative approaches to improve AgFF occupational safety and health that justify further research
  • Promote mentoring relationships between junior and established scientists to build capacity for AgFF occupational safety and health careers

Priority areas:

  • Reduce occupational neurologic disorders and renal disease stemming from pesticide exposure
  • Reduce occupational infectious and dermal disease to pesticides and total body burden
  • Reduce occupational musculoskeletal disorders, which are soft-tissue injuries caused by sudden or sustained exposure to repetitive motion, force, vibration, and awkward positions
  • Reduce occupational respiratory diseases including fixed airway diseases such as COPD and obliterative bronchiolitis
  • Improve workplace safety to reduce traumatic injuries among high-risk populations
  • Promote safe and healthy work design for workers in precarious employment arrangements, and reduce injuries and illnesses related to work design, fatigue, and mental health
  • Mental and behavioral health
  • Extreme weather/climate change
  • Migrant/immigrant workers
  • Nanomaterial hazards
  • PFAS chemical hazards
  • Avian flu
  • Fatigue
  • Shift work
  • Heat stress

Eligible applicants:

  • Junior investigators interested in gaining research experience in AgFF occupational safety or health
  • Graduate students, medical residents and interns, or postdoctoral fellows
  • Faculty members of any rank who are interested in exploring an AgFF research question
  • Applications from student investigators and other scientists new to the field of agricultural occupational safety and health are strongly encouraged
  • Team science approaches are encouraged
Geographic coverage
The 5 states in the SW Ag Center region
Amount of funding

Traditional award:

  • Award ceiling: $20,000
  • Project period: 1 year
  • Estimated number of awards: 2

Short-term award:

  • Award ceiling: $10,000
  • Project period: 6-8 months
Application process

A link to the application instructions is available on the program website.

Email completed applications to Dr. Kevin Moore.

Short-term award applications are due February 16, 2024.

Traditional award applications are due by May 15, 2024.

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