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Rural Health
Funding by Topic: Transportation

Summaries of funding programs are provided by RHIhub for your convenience. Please contact the funder directly for the most complete and current information.

I'm a Child of Appalachia Fund: Fostering Youth Resiliency Grants Inactive
Grants to build resilience and increase protective factors for youth in Appalachian Ohio by addressing the social, economic, educational, and health challenges arising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Geographic coverage: Ohio
Application Deadline: Oct 14, 2020
Sponsors: Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, Osteopathic Heritage Foundation of Nelsonville
Oregon Rural Veterans Healthcare Transportation Grant Program Inactive
Grants to cover operations and purchased services for eligible transportation agencies in Oregon for innovative local solutions to transit challenges and barriers between veterans living in rural areas and healthcare services.
Geographic coverage: Oregon
Application Deadline: Sep 18, 2020
Sponsors: Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs
Denali Commission Transportation Project Grants Inactive
Grants to help rural Alaskan communities develop and/or improve transportation infrastructure. Projects should relate to specific community or individual benefits related to mobility, health, safety, reduced operating costs, cost of living, and/or extending the benefit of existing infrastructure.
Geographic coverage: Alaska
Application Deadline: Aug 7, 2020
Sponsor: Denali Commission
Transit Planning for All Mobility on Demand Projects Inactive
Funding for inclusive transportation planning, development, and implementation with grassroots-driven mobility on demand solutions.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Jul 31, 2020
Sponsors: Administration for Community Living, Community Transportation Association of America, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Grants for Transportation of Veterans in Highly Rural Areas Inactive
Grants for new organizations to assist veterans in highly rural areas through innovative transportation services to travel to VA medical centers and to otherwise assist in providing transportation services in connection with the provision of VA medical care to these veterans.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide and U.S. territories
Application Deadline: Jul 17, 2020
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Planning and Capacity Building Fund - Texas Department of Agriculture Inactive
Grants to support programs for local public facilities, housing, and economic development planning activities in Texas.
Geographic coverage: Texas
Application Deadline: Jul 15, 2020
Sponsor: Texas Department of Agriculture
Demonstration Grants to Strengthen the Response to Victims of Human Trafficking in Native Communities Program Inactive
Supports demonstration projects that will build, expand, and sustain organizational and community capacity to deliver services to Native American victims of severe forms of human trafficking.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Jul 6, 2020
Sponsors: Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Relatives as Parents Program Inactive
Grants to support the creation or expansion of healthcare, mental health services, and other supportive services for grandparents and other relatives who have taken on the responsibility of surrogate parenting due to the absence of the parents.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Jun 10, 2020
Sponsor: Brookdale Foundation
Helping Obtain Prosperity for Everyone Program Inactive
Funding for planning, engineering, or development of technical or financing plans to improve transit services in rural areas and areas experiencing long-term economic distress. The program is intended to reduce fatality rates on rural transportation infrastructure and increase access to jobs and healthcare through enhanced transit options and improved facilities.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: May 4, 2020
Sponsors: Federal Transit Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Accelerating Innovative Mobility (AIM) Challenge Grants Inactive
Grants for the development, implementation and adoption of innovative technologies, practices, and service models to improve mobility and enhance the rider experience, with a focus on innovative service delivery models, creative financing, partnerships, and integrated payment solutions. Rural communities are a program priority.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Apr 17, 2020
Sponsor: Federal Transit Administration