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Rural Health
News by Topic: Rural-urban differences

Jan 24, 2020 - Summarizes a study that found handgun carrying was not uncommon for rural children, many of whom started carrying in the sixth grade. Discusses the health risks for young people who have been exposed to guns.
Source: University of Washington News
Jan 23, 2020 - Summarizes a policy brief from the National Rural Health Association, describes how one third of rural emergency medical services are extremely short-staffed and in "immediate operational jeopardy." Addresses contributing factors such as the disparity that rural residents are more likely to die following traumatic injury than non-rural patients.
Source: The Rural Blog
Jan 22, 2020 - Summarizes a study conducted by the non-profit ACT, which identified that students of color felt more uncomfortable seeking mental health support than their white counterparts. The survey also found rural students had more trouble accessing mental health services, recommending schools offer students the option to teleconference with counselors.
Source: Diverse Education
Jan 15, 2020 - The North Dakota Commerce Committee met to discuss the state's rural grocery system and how to best address the lack of access to fresh foods in rural communities. Some programs are currently testing the use of distribution hubs and climate-controlled grocery locker systems to see if these could be viable solutions to the issue.
Source: KX Net
Jan 15, 2020 - Includes a list of the 120 rural hospitals that have closed their doors since 2010, provided by the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research. The hospital closings are spread across 31 states.
Source: Becker's Hospital Review
Jan 14, 2020 - Summarizes a study whose findings show 32 percent of adult patients have difficulty paying medical bills and accessing healthcare. The study also analyzes hospital prices and quality of care and demonstrates how rural patients are at a further disadvantage accessing care and paying for services.
Source: Xtelligent Healthcare Media
Jan 14, 2020 - Discusses the projected decline in the number of physicians in rural areas, a Montana State University professor attributes the drop to minimal career opportunities for spouses, isolation, and lack of entertainment in rural areas. Describes how policy and recruitment programs have attempted to lure physicians to rural areas, but the need is more prominent as health disparities increase.
Source: Managed Care Magazine
Jan 13, 2020 - Features a student at the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine (WARM) at the University of Wisconsin who decided to pursue rural medicine after his father passed away. Discusses the physician shortage in rural areas and how the WARM program helps to fill those gaps.
Source: The Journal Times
Jan 9, 2020 - While the majority of rural counties gained jobs when comparing November 2018 to November 2019, the growth continues to be slower than metropolitan counties, and is slowest the further from large urban centers you go.
Source: Daily Yonder
Jan 8, 2020 - Provides an overview of a study suggesting that rural seniors hospitalized for life-threatening conditions are more likely to die within a month of their visit than their urban counterparts. Describes how rural patients were more likely to be discharged to a skilled nursing facility, while urban patients were often discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility or to home care.
Source: Reuters