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News by Topic: Suicide and suicide prevention

Sep 26, 2023 - Discusses the disparity in suicide deaths for teen boys compared to teen girls and the role that firearm access plays in the higher rate. Includes information on rate increases by race and ethnicity. Discusses rural specific issues with suicide such as stigma in accessing mental healthcare. Offers recommendations to reduce suicide by firearm through patient education from healthcare providers.
Source: The 19th
Sep 14, 2023 - The suicide rate in the U.S. grew 30% between 2000 and 2020. Includes a significant spike for Native Americans and Alaska Natives. Discusses historical inequities, lack of mental healthcare in tribal areas, and healthcare use trends by people at risk of suicide.
Source: Wyoming Public Media
Sep 11, 2023 - Summary of a recent study investigating the impact of wildfire smoke on suicide rates. Finds that for each 10% increase in airborne particulate matter, monthly suicide rates in rural counties rise by 1.5% with the highest effect seen in rural white males of working age and no college education. Notes that this population already has a high suicide rate and is the most likely to work outdoors. Discusses potential impact of access to mental health and emergency care on this disparity.
Source: HealthDay, U.S. News & World Report
Aug 30, 2023 - Describes the implementation of the 988 crisis line in Kansas. Notes that 65% of nonmetropolitan counties in Kansas do not have a psychiatrist. Lists other mental health support options in Kansas.
Source: Hays Post
Aug 23, 2023 - New research published in the Journal of Rural Health has found that rural youth that drink heavily are 43% more likely to also carry a handgun. 2,002 people ages 12 to 26 were studied over a 15 year period. Notes that interventions to decrease drinking could have an impact on handgun-carrying and, in turn, lower homicide and suicide rates in rural areas.
Source: UW Medicine Newsroom
Aug 22, 2023 - A Colorado U.S. Representative is proposing bipartisan legislation to fund a mental health hotline for workers and families in agriculture. Discusses the increased rates of suicide in agriculture when compared with the general population.
Source: Greeley Tribune