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Rural Project Examples from Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

Healthy Places NC
Updated/reviewed July 2017
  • Need: People living in under-resourced rural communities in North Carolina have poorer health than those living in urban areas.
  • Intervention: Funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, Healthy Places NC is investing $100 million over 10 years in rural North Carolina counties in order to improve residents' health.
  • Results: As of June 2017, the Trust has invested more than $32 million in seven Healthy Places NC counties.
Farm Assessment and Rehabilitation Methods (FARM) Program
Updated/reviewed June 2017
  • Need: To help farmers with disabilities continue farming while protecting their well-being.
  • Intervention: The FARM program helps disabled or ill farmers continue to operate and work their Wisconsin farms.
  • Results: Farmers with disabilities can continue to farm, resume farming, or find an alternative agricultural occupation.
Patient Centered Medical Home Practicum in Primary Care
Updated/reviewed May 2017
  • Need: Improvement in service quality and patient experience in primary care practices in North Carolina's Blue Ridge region.
  • Intervention: A practicum for healthcare management students to help rural practices achieve Patient Care Medical Home (PCMH) status and identify quality improvement strategies.
  • Results: Rural primary practices have achieved PCMH status and Blue Quality Physician Program Recognition.
Start Healthy, Start Now
Updated/reviewed April 2017
  • Need: Rural childcare providers have limited resources to learn about mental and physical health promotion and obesity prevention
  • Intervention: A free health promotion training program for rural childcare providers
  • Results: Rural childcare providers are better prepared to impact children's health and well-being.
The Walking Classroom
Updated/reviewed April 2017
  • Need: To help elementary and middle school children become more active and reduce their risk of obesity
  • Intervention: A classroom, afterschool, or summer program offered several times per week throughout the school year that gets students walking as a class for 20 minute lessons while listening to an educational podcast
  • Results: Children increase their activity level while learning academic content, building health literacy, and developing healthy lifestyle habits to prevent obesity