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Rural Project Examples: Tobacco use

Effective Examples

Franklin Cardiovascular Health Program (FCHP)
Updated/reviewed March 2018
  • Need: To develop sustainable, community-wide prevention methods for cardiovascular diseases in order to change behaviors and healthcare outcomes in rural Maine.
  • Intervention: Local community groups and Franklin Memorial Hospital staff studied mortality and hospitalization rates for 40 years in this rural, low-income area of Farmington to seek intervention methods that could address cardiovascular diseases.
  • Results: A decline in cardiovascular-related mortality rates and improved prevention methods for hypertension, high cholesterol, and smoking.
keepin’ it REAL Rural
Updated/reviewed March 2018
  • Need: A drug and alcohol prevention program for middle school students that is specific to rural culture in Pennsylvania and Ohio.
  • Intervention: An adaptation of the evidence-based keepin' it REAL curriculum was customized for rural middle school students.
  • Results: Students showed a reduction in all substance use and less personal acceptability of substance use.

Promising Examples

Contingency Management Smoking Cessation in Appalachia
Updated/reviewed April 2018
  • Need: To reduce smoking rates of pregnant women and adolescents in Appalachian regions of Eastern Kentucky and Ohio.
  • Intervention: A web-based smoking cessation program that offered monetary incentives to reducing smoking.
  • Results: Participants significantly reduced smoking rates or quit altogether.

Other Project Examples

funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Connecting the Chronically Ill
Updated/reviewed August 2017
  • Need: Baker County, Florida, had many residents living with chronic illnesses and limited access to healthcare services.
  • Intervention: Connecting the Chronically Ill was started to provide Baker County's most vulnerable, chronically ill residents with medical services and health education.
  • Results: The program provided services to almost 400 residents and health education to nearly 900 residents, and it helped reform the area's judicial system for inmates with substance abuse and mental health issues.
Spit It Out-West Virginia
Updated/reviewed August 2017
  • Need: McDowell County, West Virginia, had high rates of tobacco use.
  • Intervention: The Spit It Out-West Virginia program (2008-2010) was created to increase access to tobacco cessation and prevention resources.
  • Results: Hundreds of people were provided with tobacco cessation efforts, 5 workplaces became tobacco free, and tobacco control efforts continue today.
proACTIVE Wellness Initiative
Updated/reviewed May 2016
  • Need: A community health needs assessment indicated a need for worksite wellness in rural Black River Falls, Wisconsin.
  • Intervention: A workplace wellness initiative, which promotes healthy lifestyle behaviors, was implemented at 3 Black Rivers Falls businesses by local hospital employees.
  • Results: Employees at every involved worksites experienced health improvements of some kind.