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Border Health Status Report of the 44 U.S. Counties at the U.S.- Mexico Border

A review of selected 20 topic health indicators using public use data obtained from 44 counties, mostly rural, located along the U.S.-Mexico border region and within the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. Offers health indicator data for selected measurable objectives having baseline data on overall mortality, and mortality rates for diabetes, heart disease, cervical cancer, breast cancer, unintentional injuries, and road traffic-related. Health indicator data is also provided for non-measurable objectives, due to a lack of baseline data, on asthma, maternal mortality, gonorrhea, and congenital syphilis.
Nicole Baker, Nicole Baker, Juan Albertorio, Alfonso Rodríguez-Lainz
United States-México Border Health Commission
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Cancer · Cardiovascular disease · Chronic respiratory conditions · Diabetes · Hispanic or Latino · Infectious diseases · Injuries · Maternal health and prenatal care · Mortality · State-by-state data · Statistics and data · U.S.-Mexico Border Region · Arizona · California · New Mexico · State-by-state · Texas

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