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United States-México Border Health Commission

Provides international leadership to optimize health and quality of life along the U.S.-Mexico border. Comprised of the federal secretaries of health, the chief health officers of the ten border states and prominent community health professionals from both nations. Includes a directory of border state outreach offices.
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Border Health · Arizona · California · New Mexico · Texas

Resources (10)

  • 2012 Annual Report United States-Mexico Border Health Commission, 10/2013, view details
  • 2015 Binational Border Health Research Forum Report, 2015, view details
  • Access to Health Care in the U.S.-México Border Region: Challenges and Opportunities, 11/2014, view details
  • Border Lives: Health Status in the United States-Mexico Border Region, 04/2010, view details
  • Border Models of Excellence Compendium, 2003, view details
  • Health Research on the U.S.-México Border: Promoting a Binational Agenda, 11/2010, view details
  • Healthy Border 2020: A Prevention & Health Promotion Initiative, 06/2015, view details
  • Prevention and Health Promotion among Vulnerable Populations on the U.S.-México Border: Synthesis Report, 10/2013, view details
  • Proceedings Report of the Fourth United States-México Border Health Research Forum, 06/2012, view details
  • United States-México Border Health Commission 2008-2009 Annual Report, 08/2011, view details