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Rural Health
Resources by State: Michigan

Oral Health in Michigan
An in-depth overview of oral health for the state. Describes the oral health status of Michigan residents, with information by broad region and by county. Discusses issues related to rural dental health access. Provides data on the dental health workforce, including county-level provider-to-population ratios for dentists and dental hygienists.
Author(s): Margaret Langelier, Simona Surdu
Date: 2015
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Center for Health Workforce Studies
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Differences in Media Access and Use Between Rural Native American and White Children
Compares media access between Native American children and White children from rural areas in Michigan to determine the most effective way of disseminating public health initiatives to reach Native children and reduce health disparities.
Author(s): Yulin Hswen, John Naslund, David Bickham
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 14, 2922
Date: 08/2014
Type: Document
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State Innovation Models (SIM) Initiative Evaluation: Model Design and Model Pre-Test Evaluation Report
Reports on the experiences of 19 states that received federal support to work on state health care innovation plans focused on developing innovative healthcare delivery and payment models. Discusses rural concerns in these states, as well as strategies to address rural healthcare needs. Some topics addressed include patient-centered medical homes, accountable care organizations, workforce, broadband access, electronic health record adoption, and telehealth.
Date: 07/2014
Type: Document
Sponsoring organizations: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, RTI International
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Medicaid Expansion and Section 1115 Waiver Demonstrations
Discusses provisions within Medicaid expansion and the section 1115 demonstration waivers approved, up until March 2014, that Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) should be aware of, including those in rural areas.
Date: 03/2014
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: National Association of Community Health Centers
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Technology Widens Care Options for Rural Hospitals
Discusses how advancement in healthcare technology is helping rural providers improve both access and quality of care for patients, in addition to strengthening the financial bottom line for hospitals.
Author(s): Candi Helseth
Citation: Rural Monitor, 2014(Winter)
Date: 02/2014
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Rural Health Information Hub
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Advancing Geriatrics Fellowship Programs Through a Community-Based Residency Network
Describes a project, conducted through Michigan State University, which studied the formation of geriatric fellowship programs within an established family medicine residency network, thus recruiting and retaining graduates. The goals of the program are to facilitate the accreditation of new programs in nonmetropolitan communities, recruit fellows into underserved areas, and retain graduates to practice and teach in neighboring areas.
Author(s): Kevin Foley, Marolee Neuberger, Mary Noel, Deborah Sleight
Citation: Family Medicine, 45(10), 719-725
Date: 11/2013
Type: Document
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Recruitment and Retention of Primary Care Providers in Rural, Underserved Areas of Michigan
Examines the issues of recruiting and retaining primary care providers in rural and underserved areas of Michigan. Discusses options for medical students to enter primary care and work in underserved areas.
Date: 09/2013
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
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Rural Philanthropy in Michigan Report
Discusses the role of rural philanthropy within the larger scope of revitalizing Michigan’s economy. Presents data and maps which highlight key economic indicators and grant-making activities in seventeen Michigan counties from 2008-2011.
Date: 01/2013
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Michigan Rural Council
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Improving Accessibility: VISN 11 Mobile Prosthetics Van Program
Describes a mobile program that provides prosthetic and orthotic services to veterans in areas of Michigan, Indiana, northwest Ohio, and eastern Illinois that did not previously offer them and that may be many miles away from the nearest veteran medical center (VAMC).
Author(s): Sherri DeLoof, Guadalupe Bravo, Ernest Howard, Michael Rilenge
Date: 2013
Type: Document
Sponsoring organizations: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Rural Health Resource Center: Central Region
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Midwest Retention Toolkit
Provides tools to assist National Health Service Corps (NHSC) sites with the retention of healthcare providers. Includes worksheets, sample surveys, and model retention plans for use with all healthcare providers, although targeted for physicians.
Date: 2012
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: National Rural Recruitment & Retention Network
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