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Resources by State: New York

An Analysis of Oral Health Disparities and Access to Services in the Appalachian Region
Analyzes disparities in oral health status and access to oral healthcare in the Appalachian Region. Examines relationships between oral health disparities and socioeconomic status indicators. Focuses on aiding efforts to develop targeted interventions to reduce disparities in Appalachia.
Author(s): Denise D. Krause, Warren L. May, Nancy M. Lane, et al.
Date: 12/2011
Type: Document
Sponsoring organizations: Appalachian Regional Commission, The Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research
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Breastfeeding Prevalence and Distribution in the USA and Appalachia by Rural and Urban Setting
Reports on the prevalence of breastfeeding in rural and urban areas, with data for the nation, the Appalachian region as a whole, and specific Appalachian states.
Author(s): R. Constance Wiener, Michael A. Weiner
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 11(2), 1713
Date: 05/2011
Type: Document
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Occupational Injury and Treatment Patterns of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers
Highlights a study based on a survey of migrant and seasonal workers in Maine and New York regarding occupational injuries and treatment locations. Breaks down rate of migrant health center and emergency room utilization, as well as the rate of injuries treated elsewhere and those that went untreated.
Author(s): Melissa A. Brower, Giulia B. Earle-Richardson, John J. May, Paul L. Jenkins
Citation: Journal of Agromedicine, 14(2), 172-178
Date: 05/2009
Type: Document
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Achieving Success in QIO and Rural Hospital Partnerships
Provides 4 case studies that highlight strategies employed by Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) to help small rural hospitals implement successful quality improvement initiatives. Focuses on the benefits of technical assistance from QIOs to rural hospitals.
Author(s): Janet Pagan-Sutton, Lauren Silver, Jyoti Gupta
Date: 02/2009
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis
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The Northeast and Caribbean Rural Opioid Technical Assistance Center - New York & New Jersey Events Calendar
Lists the events, trainings, and webinars for the New York and New Jersey region of the Northeast and Caribbean Rural Opioid Technical Assistance Center.
Type: Calendar/Event List
Sponsoring organization: The Northeast and Caribbean Rural Opioid Technical Assistance Center
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Making Care Primary (MCP) Model
Provides information on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovation Center's Making Care Primary (MCP) Model, which offers a pathway for primary care clinicians in eight states to gradually adopt prospective, population-based payments while building infrastructure to improve behavioral health and specialty care integration and enhance equitable access to care.
Type: Website
Sponsoring organization: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
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Exploring the Health Care Challenges Rural Americans Face Across 5 States
Articles from Rural RX, a series intended to explore the forces that shape rural health care in America. Features programs in Alabama, Texas, Colorado, New York, and West Virginia.
Author(s): Nicole Ellis, William Brangham, Caleb Hellerman
Type: Video/Multimedia
Sponsoring organization: PBS News Hour
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Climate and Hazard Mitigation Planning (CHaMP) Tool
A mapping tool that shows county- and state-level changes in climate between 1981 and 2021 for 15 U.S. states. Allows user to select for climate events such as extreme heat, wildfire, severe weather, tropical storms/hurricanes, and more.
Type: Map/Mapping System
Sponsoring organizations: Carolina Integrated Sciences and Assessments (CISA), Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments (GLISA), Mid-Atlantic Integrated Sciences and Assessments (MARISA)
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Rural Northern Border Healthcare Support Technical Assistance Center
Provides technical assistance to rural healthcare providers and communities in the Northern Border Region. Supports providers and communities exploring and implementing strategies related to improving access to care, workforce recruitment and retention, and transition to value-based care. Part of the Rural Health Redesign Center.
Type: Website
Sponsoring organization: Rural Health Redesign Center
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New York State Association for Rural Health - Webinars
Provides information on upcoming webinars sponsored by the New York State Association for Rural Health. Topics include billing and coding training, behavioral health, opioid response, and more. Links to past event information are also available.
Type: Calendar/Event List
Sponsoring organization: New York State Association for Rural Health
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