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Suicide Among Young Alaska Native Men: Community Risk Factors and Alcohol Control
Results of a study examining the variation in suicide rates among rural Alaskan Native men.
Author(s): Matthew Berman
Citation: American Journal of Public Health, 104(Suppl 3), S329-S335
Date: 06/2014
Type: Document
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Gender Differences in Circumstances Surrounding First Injection Experience of Rural Injection Drug Users in the United States
Discusses the gender differences between first time drug injection users in Appalachian Kentucky who primarily use prescription opioids.
Author(s): April M. Young, Nika Larian, Jennifer R. Havens
Citation: Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 134, 401-405
Date: 01/2014
Type: Document
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Addressing the Specific Behavioral Health Needs of Men
Addresses specific treatment needs of adult men with substance use disorders. Reviews gender-specific research and best practices, such as common patterns of initiation of substance use among men and specific treatment issues and strategies. Includes a discussion of how these issues impact rural men.
Date: 2014
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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Quality of Prostate Cancer Care Among Rural Men in the Veterans Health Administration
Analyzes the rural and urban differences in access to oncology resources and quality of care for male veterans with prostate cancer, using the Veterans Affairs Central Cancer Registry to identify the patients and the Rural Urban Commuting Area (RUCA) codes to determine patient residence.
Author(s): Ted A. Skolarus, Stephanie Chan, Jeremy B. Shelton, et al.
Citation: Cancer, 119(20), 3629-3635
Date: 10/2013
Type: Document
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A Vision for Wellness and Health Equity for American Indian and Alaska Native Boys and Men
Discusses the health and wellness disparities among American Indian and Native Alaska boys and men.
Date: 05/2013
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Men's Health Network
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Place of Residence and Primary Treatment of Prostate Cancer: Examining Trends in Rural and Nonrural Areas in Wisconsin
Examines if disparities exist between rural and urban residents receiving prostate cancer treatment. Includes statistics for treatment types by age at diagnosis, race/ethnicity, comorbidities, insurance, and rurality.
Author(s): Jeremy P. Cetnar, John M. Hampton, Amy A. Williamson, et al.
Citation: Urology, 81(3), 540-546
Date: 03/2013
Type: Document
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Analysis of Sexual Assault Data
Analyzes data collected by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape from 2009 to 2011 to better understand the extent of reported sexual assaults in rural counties in Pennsylvania. Includes comparisons by gender and age group.
Date: 09/2012
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Center for Rural Pennsylvania
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A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Culturally Congruent Intervention to Increase Condom Use and HIV Testing among Heterosexually Active Immigrant Latino Men
Discusses the effectiveness of an HIV prevention intervention to increase condom use and HIV testing among Spanish-speaking, heterosexually active immigrant Latino men living in rural North Carolina. Participants in a small-group HIV prevention intervention were compared to their peers participating in a cancer education intervention to determine consistency in condom use and HIV testing.
Author(s): Scott D. Rhodes, Thomas P. McCoy, Aaron T. Vissman, et al.
Citation: AIDS and Behavior, 15(8), 1764-1775
Date: 11/2011
Type: Document
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What Happens After an Elevated PSA Test: The Experience of 13,591 Veterans
Details a study on the time between prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing and a biopsy-confirmed cancer diagnosis in veterans. Compares rural and urban areas.
Author(s): Steven B. Zeliadt, Richard M. Hoffman, Ruth Etzioni, Van Anh T. Ginger, Daniel W. Lin
Citation: Journal of General Internal Medicine, 25(11), 1205-1210
Date: 11/2010
Type: Document
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Coumaphos Exposure and Incident Cancer among Male Participants in the Agricultural Health Study (AHS)
Details a study on prostate cancer incidents in farmers exposed to coumaphos, a livestock insecticide, in Iowa and North Carolina. Breaks down data by age, smoking history, and alcohol consumption, among other factors.
Author(s): Carol H. Christensen, Elizabeth A. Platz, Gabriella Andreotti, et al.
Citation: Environmental Health Perspectives, 118(1), 92-96
Date: 01/2010
Type: Document
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