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Rural Health
Resources by Topic: Patient privacy

Health Disparities: Closing the Gaps Using Faith-Based Institutions
Explores the role of religious institutions in rural communities, particularly related to promoting and enhancing health and wellness activities. Discusses barriers and concerns to utilizing faith-based institutions, provides program examples, and makes policy recommendations for improving current and future relationships. Also addresses the implications of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and concerns around protected health information in the faith-based setting.
Author(s): Dallas Martin, Joy Williams, Patricia Crawford, Nikki King
Date: 04/2017
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: National Rural Health Association
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Federal Health IT Strategic Plan, 2015-2020
Outlines federal goals, plans, and priorities as they relate to health information technology (HIT) and its application across the U.S. Discusses federal efforts to improve broadband access and HIT infrastructure in all areas, including rural and tribal areas.
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Date: 09/2015
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
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Behavioral Health Data Exchange Consortium: ONC State Health Policy Consortium Project
Discusses pilot programs for behavioral health data exchange between states. State laws that provide privacy protections have created challenges for sharing behavioral health information electronically. Reports that New Mexico completed an intrastate pilot test of the transfer of information between two clinics (one behavioral health and the other primary care) in a rural setting.
Date: 06/2014
Type: Document
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The Country Doctor
Focuses on ethical concerns physicians face in rural settings. Includes discussion on issues related to patient privacy, overlapping roles for rural physicians, and other topics.
Citation: AMA Journal of Ethics, 13(5), 269-330
Date: 05/2011
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: American Medical Association
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Handbook for Rural Health Care Ethics: A Practical Guide for Professionals
Analyzes, solves, and anticipates healthcare ethics dilemmas to provide general ethics information and related guidance for clinicians and administrators of rural health care facilities.
Date: 2009
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine, Department of Community & Family Medicine
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Rural Hospitals' Strategies for Achieving Compliance with HIPAA Privacy Requirements
Discusses a survey of hospital administrators in rural areas regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Includes an overview of HIPAA compliance efforts in rural hospitals, as well as examples of specific strategies to meet HIPAA requirements.
Date: 03/2004
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis
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Rural Hospital HIPAA Readiness and Resource Needs
Presents a survey of rural hospitals regarding the extent of their preparation for HIPAA requirements and their need for resources to implement HIPAA requirements. Results shown by hospital size. Also includes information on financial and staff commitment levels.
Author(s): J. Patrick Hart, Wanqing Zhang, Jane L. Meza, Keith J. Mueller
Citation: RUPRI Rural Policy Brief, 8(6)
Date: 05/2003
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis
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Health Information Exchange (HIE) Toolkit
Provides information and resources for healthcare organizations regarding Health Information Exchange (HIE) considerations and engagement. Includes a policy matrix, guide to DIRECT connectivity standards, return on investment calculator, privacy and security requirements, and information on making the first steps in forming or joining an HIE.
Type: Website
Sponsoring organization: National Rural Health Resource Center
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