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Quality of Life and Loneliness in Stroke Survivors Living in Appalachia
Reports on a study of loneliness and its effect on the quality of life (QoL) among rural stroke survivors in Appalachian West Virginia. Looks at post-stroke factors in determining QoL, such as continued smoking, recovery in a nursing home versus the patient's home, and comorbidity.
Author(s): Laurie Theeke, Patricia Horstman, Jennifer Mallow, et al.
Citation: Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 46(6), E3-15
Date: 12/2014
Type: Document
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Relationship Between Social Support and Body Mass Index Among Overweight and Obese African American Women in the Rural Deep South, 2011–2013
Reports results from a study undertaken in rural communities of the Alabama Black Belt and the Mississippi Delta. Examines encouragement and discouragement provided to overweight and obese African American women by family and friends related to healthy eating and exercise.
Author(s): Erica R. Johnson, Tiffany L. Carson, Olivia Affuso, Claudia M. Hardy, Monica L. Baskin
Citation: Preventing Chronic Disease, 11
Date: 12/2014
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Examining Social Support in a Rural Homeless Population
Discusses how social support from family, friends, colleagues, or healthcare personnel can help rural homeless individuals with the resources needed to secure housing. Addresses health-related variables, such as substance abuse. Reports that increasing financial support in rural communities such as economic development and subsidized housing may ease homelessness.
Author(s): Afton Jackson, Lisa Shannon
Citation: Journal of Rural Social Sciences, 29(1), 48-74
Date: 2014
Type: Document
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Loneliness and Quality of Life in Chronically Ill Rural Older Adults: Findings from a Pilot Study
Explores the prevalence of loneliness in older adults living in rural Appalachia with chronic illness and whether loneliness influences their quality of life. Includes statistics on demographics as well as loneliness and quality of life indicators by chronic illness and medication use.
Author(s): Laurie A. Theeke, Jennifer Mallow
Citation: American Journal of Nursing, 113(9), 28-38
Date: 09/2013
Type: Document
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California MPA Data Dashboard for Aging
Offers interactive data indicating progress on the California Master Plan for Aging in the areas of housing, health, isolation, caregiving, and affordability. Includes rural and urban comparisons as well as county-level data.
Type: Website
Sponsoring organizations: California Department of Public Health, West Health
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