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Massachusetts covers 7,840 square miles, with a 2018 population estimate of 6,902,149 people - 99,642 of which live in rural areas (USDA-ERS). The eastern part of the state is mostly urban and suburban including the City of Boston, the surrounding metro-Boston area, and a number of secondary and their surrounding areas. However, rural communities are located in central and western Massachusetts except for the immediate areas of Worcester and Springfield and in the coastal areas of the southeastern part of the state.

Massachusetts Rural Healthcare Facilities

Massachusetts Rural Healthcare Facilities map

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According to, as of April 2021 Massachusetts had:

  • 3 Critical Access Hospitals
  • 5 Rural Health Clinics
  • 14 Federally Qualified Health Center sites located outside of Urbanized Areas
  • 4 short term hospitals located outside of Urbanized Areas
For a national comparison, please see an overview of the United States.

Data Sources
USDA Economic Research Service: State Fact Sheets


Massachusetts Office of Rural Health
Phone: 508.792.7880 Ext. 2172
A component of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health which collects and disseminates information on rural health; coordinates resources and activities within rural communities; provides technical assistance for planning and development; strengthens local, state, and federal partnerships; and administers the Massachusetts Rural Hospital Flex and the SHIP programs.
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