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News stories from the past 60 days.

Mar 23, 2023 - The Montana Produce Prescription Collaborative was recently awarded a federal grant of $500,000 to support Montana produce prescription programs over the next 3 years. Participating partners screen patients for chronic health conditions and food access, and eligible patients receive coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables.
Source: Kaiser Health News
Mar 16, 2023 - Announces that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded 15 states each with $1 million, one-year Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) planning grants. CCBHCs were created to transform mental health and substance use treatment and provide sustainable funding for robust community outpatient mental health treatment.
Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Mar 1, 2023 - In 2022 Montana mandated that schools test for lead content in water, and so far 74% of schools that submitted samples found at least one faucet or drinking fountain with high lead levels. The 2021 federal infrastructure bill was designed to help fund the replacement of lead pipes in schools, but as of mid-February states were still waiting to hear how much infrastructure money they will receive, and when.
Source: Chalkbeat
Feb 27, 2023 - Senators Jerry Moran, Jon Tester, Patty Murray, and Mike Rounds have introduced legislation to expand veterans' access to assisted living services. The Expanding Veterans' Options for Long Term Care Act would create a pilot program for veterans to receive assisted living care paid for by the Department of Veterans Affairs, allowing aging veterans to live more independently while saving taxpayer dollars.
Source: Office of Senator Jerry Moran
Feb 27, 2023 - A survey of University of Washington medical school alumni who graduated between 2009-2014 found that a significant number of doctors who participated in the Rural Underserved Opportunities Program (RUOP) eventually established their practices in rural communities. The RUOP offers medical students a four-week rotation in rural areas of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho and Montana.
Source: UW Medicine
Feb 24, 2023 - Montana lawmakers are trying to reduce the risk of nursing homes closures, through measures that would raise and set standards for the Medicaid reimbursement rates. Senate Bill 296 would direct health officials to consider inflation, cost-of-living adjustments, and actual costs of services in setting Medicaid reimbursement rates.
Source: Kaiser Health News
Feb 17, 2023 - Montana governor Gov. Greg Gianforte announced a $2.1 million grant to the Rural Behavioral Health Institute to provide free optional mental health and substance abuse screenings for all schools statewide and same-day care for students flagged as being at high risk for suicide. The money will come from the Governor's Emergency Education Relief Grant program, funded by federal COVID relief aid.
Source: Kaiser Health News
Feb 10, 2023 - Montana lawmakers are considering House Bill 313, which would increase access to healthcare by giving physician assistants more independence to practice unsupervised. The bill is similar to laws in Wyoming and North Dakota.
Source: Kaiser Health News
Feb 5, 2023 - Highlights the work of Josiah Hugs, a Native American liaison working with Billings Clinic, to bring attention to health equity concerns and intention to the care provided to Native American patients and their unique cultural needs.
Source: Billings Gazette

Last Updated: 3/23/2023