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New York Funding & Opportunities

Appalachian Investments Supporting Partnerships In Recovery Ecosystems (INSPIRE) Initiative Inactive
Funding to assist in moving individuals in the Appalachian region from substance abuse treatment to recovery to employment, with a focus on support services that enable and support individual successful entry or reentry into the workforce.
Geographic coverage: Available in specific counties in 13 states.
Letter of Intent (Required): Mar 3, 2022
Application Deadline: Mar 24, 2022
Sponsor: Appalachian Regional Commission
New York Telehealth Capital Program Inactive
Grants to support new community infrastructure to expand telehealth access among Medicaid eligible persons, as well as low-income, minority, rural, older, and other underserved communities in New York that lack connectivity, remote patient monitoring devices, or private spaces necessary to access telehealth.
Geographic coverage: New York
Application Deadline: Jan 18, 2022
Sponsor: New York State Department of Health
New York Rural Communities of Practice Initiative Inactive
Funding to multi-disciplinary planning teams from rural New York counties to develop and implement programming for the prevention of and response to juvenile delinquency in rural areas of the state.
Geographic coverage: New York
Application Deadline: Jan 14, 2022
Sponsor: New York Division of Criminal Justice Services
New York State Farm-to-School Program Inactive
Grant to establish farm-to-school programs that will help New York schools connect with local farmers, increase the use of locally grown food on school menus, improve student health, and provide economic benefits to agricultural producers.
Geographic coverage: New York
Application Deadline: Dec 30, 2021
Sponsor: New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
New York J-1 Visa Waiver Program Inactive
Offers a J-1 Visa waiver to foreign physicians who commit to serving for 3 years in an underserved area of New York, allowing them to remain in the United States.
Geographic coverage: New York
Application Deadline: Dec 3, 2021
Sponsor: New York State Department of Health
New York State Age-Friendly Health Systems Action Community Inactive
Learning community in New York that includes a virtual summit, monthly webinars, and topical coaching calls designed to incorporate evidence-based practices and transform the care given to older adults. Participants include Federally Qualified Health Centers and community-based social service organizations, among others.
Geographic coverage: New York
Application Deadline: Nov 15, 2021
Sponsor: Healthcare Association of New York State
Laura Jane Musser Fund: Rural Initiative Program Inactive
Grants designed to encourage collaborative and participatory efforts among citizens in rural communities that will help to strengthen their towns and regions in a number of civic areas, including economic development, business preservation, arts and humanities, public space improvements, and education.
Geographic coverage: Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Wyoming, New York, Texas. A list of the specific counties eligible in New York and Texas is available on the program website under the "Limits of Geography" heading.
Application Deadline: Oct 1, 2021
Sponsor: Laura Jane Musser Fund
Primary Care First Model Cohort 2 Inactive
Voluntary 5-year payment options that reward value and quality by offering an innovative payment structure to support delivery of advanced primary care. Participating practices will generally include primary care practitioners, as well as other clinicians that are managing complex, chronically ill, and seriously ill populations.
Geographic coverage: Available in 26 regions.
Application Deadline: Jun 18, 2021
Sponsor: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Rural Northern Border Region Planning Program Inactive
Grants to support planning and identifying of key rural health issues within the service area of the Northern Border Regional Commission.
Geographic coverage: Eligible rural areas in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont
Application Deadline: Jun 14, 2021
Sponsors: Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, Health Resources and Services Administration, Northern Border Regional Commission, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Park and Recreation Mentorship Grants for Rural Youth Impacted by Opioids Inactive
Grants for local parks and recreation agencies to use evidence-based mentoring programs designed to address, prevent, and reduce opioid misuse among rural youth in Appalachia and New England.
Geographic coverage: Rural areas of Appalachia and New England
Application Deadline: May 28, 2021
Sponsor: National Recreation and Park Association

Last Updated: 1/24/2022