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Oklahoma Models and Innovations

These stories feature model programs and successful rural projects that can serve as a source of ideas. Some of the projects or programs may no longer be active. Read about the criteria and evidence-base for programs included.

Tele-ICU for Veterans
Added June 2018
  • Need: To enhance care for patients in critical condition.
  • Intervention: Two VA facilities in Oklahoma and Ohio are connected through audiovisual equipment using smart technology in order for providers to monitor patients and consult with clinical staff at the bedside.
  • Results: From June 2017 to March 2018, there were 5,155 video assessments performed on ICU patients at the Oklahoma facility by tele-ICU staff. This resulted in over 140 hours of patient care time.
Heartland OK
Added October 2016
  • Need: Over 9,000 people in Oklahoma die from heart disease each year.
  • Intervention: Heartland OK, which began in 5 rural counties, is a care coordination model that works to reduce heart disease and stroke risks for patients.
  • Results: 25% of patients met their hypertension goals within 90 days.

Last Updated: 6/6/2018