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South Dakota Resources

Thunder Valley Forges a Pathway to Healing, Hope, and Liberation
Describes the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation's efforts to implement Lakota-centric wellness, healing, and community development practices, for which they were awarded the 2020-2021 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize.
Date: 2021
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
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Tribal HPOG Program Snapshot - Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board: Pathways to Healthcare Professions
Highlights key features of the Pathways to Healthcare Professions (PHP) program and outcomes from the first four years of program implementation. PHP is a Tribal Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) 2.0 grantee and helps individuals in western South Dakota and northern Nebraska pursue careers in health professions.
Date: 02/2020
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Administration for Children and Families
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Mental Health Training and Technical Assistance Needs: Findings, Implications, and Summary of a Survey of Probation and Parole Officers in Region 8
Highlights a study on the mental health and substance use training and technical assistance needs of parole and probation officers in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. Breaks down survey data by age, gender, and rural versus urban employment, among other measures. Features one-page summaries for each state.
Additional links: Colorado Summary, Montana Summary, North Dakota Summary, South Dakota Summary, Utah Summary, Wyoming Summary
Date: 01/2020
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center
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Gardening for Health: Using Garden Coordinators and Volunteers to Implement Rural School and Community Gardens
Describes a school and community garden intervention initially established by South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension staff members with the support and collaboration of volunteers from schools and community organizations in rural areas and tribal organizations. Highlights how 13 community gardens in South Dakota became an integral part of a local community wellness coalition by improving local access to and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Includes a 5-minute video about the SDSU community garden program in rural areas and on reservations in S.D.
Author(s): Suzanne Stluka, Lacey A. McCormack, Linda Burdette, et al.
Citation: Preventing Chronic Disease, 16
Date: 11/2019
Type: Document
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Medicaid: Efforts to Identify, Predict, or Manage High-Expenditure Beneficiaries
Describes strategies used in 7 states to manage beneficiaries' healthcare costs while ensuring quality care, and lists resources the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provides to help states identify, predict, and manage high-expenditure beneficiaries. Discusses effects of social determinants of health and staff shortages in rural areas. Includes statistics for Medicaid expenditures among beneficiaries enrolled only in Medicaid, for fiscal years 2009-2011.
Additional links: Full Report
Date: 08/2019
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Government Accountability Office
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Rosebud Hospital: Indian Health Service Management of Emergency Department Closure and Reopening, A Case Study
Examines management of Indian Health Services (IHS) closure of Rosebud Hospital in South Dakota and its reopening to identify lessons learned. Addresses reasons for hospital closure, the impact of the closure, corrective actions taken following its reopening, and issues with sustaining improvements and compliance. Supports developing procedures for temporary emergency department closures and investing in rural workforce recruitment, retention, and training, among other recommendations.
Date: 07/2019
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Office of Inspector General (HHS)
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Housing Across the Life Span: Consumer Knowledge, Preferences, and Barriers
Results of a survey of 668 residents of North Dakota and South Dakota, measuring the perceived importance of housing traits that will enable people to age in place, including access to healthcare. Features demographic statistics with breakdowns by urban and rural location.
Author(s): Leacey E. Brown, Jane Strommen, Susan Ray-Degges
Date: 06/2019
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: South Dakota State University Extension
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Coteau des Prairies (CDP) Health System: Improving Quality of Care
Features a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in Sisseton, South Dakota that worked with the Small Rural Hospital Transition (SRHT) project on care transitions and quality improvement. Highlights their successes improving finances, internal communication, patient satisfaction, physician documentation, and quality improvement infrastructure.
Date: 06/2019
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: National Rural Health Resource Center
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Environmental Scan of South Dakota's Mobile Mammography Efforts
Evaluates the mobile mammography efforts of several programs in South Dakota. Includes a county-level map (see additional link) that details mobile mammography coverage and utilization, as well as breast cancer prevalence and mortality.
Additional links: County-Level Map
Date: 05/2019
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: South Dakota Cancer Coalition
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Examining Cancer Equity in Rural and Tribal Communities
Presents a panel discussion of cancer-related health disparities among rural and tribal communities in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Focuses on the barriers to cancer care in these communities and discusses ways to promote equity and prevention.
Date: 04/2019
Type: Video/Multimedia
Sponsoring organizations: Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health, SLM Consulting, LLC., South Dakota Public Health Association
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