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Rural Health Information Hub

Allee Mead, Web Writer

Allee Mead Allee Mead has been a Web Writer for the Rural Health Information Hub since 2016.

Allee writes original content for the website, including RHIhub's Models and Innovations and Rural Monitor articles and serves as copy editor. She has written about topics such as maternal mortality, farmers’ mental health, and senior care. For Allee, a big piece of this role is identifying gaps in the available information and finding ways to fill them. Being able to highlight the way people in rural areas meet challenges allows her to do that, because even if the solution she's writing about isn't directly replicable, it may spark some new idea or innovation in another community.

Allee received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Spanish with a Secondary Education focus and her Master of Arts degree in English from the University of North Dakota (UND). Before working at the RHIhub, Allee wrote for the Dakota Student, UND’s student newspaper, and for her hometown newspaper in rural North Dakota. In these positions, Allee's focus was community involvement, cultural events, and youth leaders. She has also taught at the high school and college levels and worked as a UND Writing Center consultant.

Shedding light on the issues faced in rural areas has shed light on her own childhood, growing up in a rural town. Much of what she now recognizes as challenges faced by rural communities were simply the way things were, like having to drive an hour and a half for specialty care. That awareness has made her efforts to fill those information gaps all the more rewarding because she's helping communities like her hometown.

Contact Allee at 701.777.0772 or by email at