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Strategic Economic and Community Development Program

U.S. Department of Agriculture, USDA Rural Development
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis

Strategic Economic and Community Development (SECD) is a program that allows USDA to give priority for projects that support the implementation of regional economic development plans through several USDA Rural Development funding programs:

Consideration for regional development priority will be based on how well the project supports a multi-jurisdictional plan (called the Strategic Community Investment Plan) and how well the plan addresses collaboration and investments from other federal and philanthropic agencies.


To be eligible for SECD, a project must:

  1. Be eligible for the underlying USDA funding program
  2. Be carried out solely in a rural area
  3. Support a multi-jurisdictional strategic economic community development plan
Geographic coverage
Amount of funding

This is not a funding program. It is an application process to request priority points for specific USDA funding programs.

Application process

Submit form RD 1980-88 to the appropriate state USDA Rural Development office.

State offices will process the forms and forward them to the appropriate USDA contact when the applicant competes for eligible USDA funding programs.

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