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Funding by Topic: Transportation

Summaries of funding programs are provided by RHIhub for your convenience. Please contact the funder directly for the most complete and current information.

Denali Commission Program Grants Inactive
Grants to promote rural development in Alaska communities. Eligible projects include healthcare and community wellness facilities, broadband, housing, transportation, sanitation, and other areas.
Geographic coverage: Alaska
Application Deadline: Apr 14, 2023
Sponsor: Denali Commission
Bus and Bus Facilities Infrastructure Program Inactive
Grants to assist in the financing of buses and bus facilities capital projects, including replacing, rehabilitating, purchasing, or leasing buses or related equipment, and rehabilitating, purchasing, constructing, or leasing bus-related facilities. A minimum of 15% of the total program funding will be awarded to projects located in rural areas.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide and U.S. Territories
Application Deadline: Apr 13, 2023
Sponsors: Federal Transit Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Minnesota Live Well at Home Grants Inactive
Grants to develop and /or provide services to allow for older Minnesotans to live in the community. Funded projects will improve capacity to develop, strengthen, and integrate programs; maintain home and community-based services for individuals' age 65 and older and at risk of long-term nursing home use and/or spending down into medical assistance; and strengthen services for the caregiver support network. Models that serve older adults in rural areas are of particular interest.
Geographic coverage: Minnesota
Application Deadline: Apr 7, 2023
Sponsor: Minnesota Department of Human Services
Montana Health Equity Mini Grants Inactive
Grants to support projects in Montana that work to advance health equity for communities most heavily impacted by health disparities.
Geographic coverage: Montana
Application Deadline: Apr 1, 2023
Sponsor: Montana State University
Children's Justice Act Partnerships for Indian Communities (Purpose Area 6): Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) Inactive
Funding, technical assistance, and training to help American Indian and Alaska Native communities develop, establish, and operate programs designed to improve the investigation, prosecution, and handling of cases of child abuse and neglect, and particularly child sexual abuse cases, in a manner which lessens trauma for child victims.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Mar 21, 2023
Sponsors: Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice
Grants for the Benefit of Homeless Individuals (GBHI) Inactive
Grants to support the development and/or expansion of local implementation of a community infrastructure that integrates behavioral health treatment and services for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental and substance use disorders, permanent housing, and other critical services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Mar 20, 2023
Sponsors: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
AARP Community Challenge Inactive
Grants for projects that work to improve livability for all residents of a community. The 2023 application cycle will focus on public spaces; housing; transportation; civic engagement; diversity, equity, and inclusion; digital connections; community health; and economic empowerment, among others. Applications from rural communities are encouraged.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Mar 15, 2023
Sponsor: AARP
Areas of Persistent Poverty Program Inactive
Funding for planning, engineering, or the development of technical or financing plans for transportation projects to assist areas of persistent poverty and historically disadvantaged communities.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Mar 10, 2023
Sponsors: Federal Transit Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Indian Highway Safety Lifesavers Conference Grant Inactive
Funding to cover registration and travel expenses for tribal employees of federally recognized tribes who work in traffic safety/enforcement and occupant protection to attend the Lifesavers Conference.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Mar 1, 2023
Sponsors: Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior
RAISE Transportation Discretionary Grants: FY 2023 National Infrastructure Investments Inactive
Grants for capital investments in unmet surface transportation infrastructure needs with an emphasis on rural areas and tribal lands.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide and U.S. Territories
Application Deadline: Feb 28, 2023
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Transportation