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News by Topic: Behavioral health

Sep 19, 2023 - Discusses food insecurity in rural Wisconsin where rates are higher than in metropolitan areas. Notes that food insecurity can lead to chronic health issues, poor mental health, sleep deprivation, and more. Discusses innovative ways to tackle food insecurity in rural communities with heavy focus on making use of what is already in the community.
Source: The Cap Times
Sep 18, 2023 - Interview of 2 mental health facility administrators to describe mental healthcare access in rural Michigan. Discusses social determinants of health, access to care, recruiting workforce, stigma, transportation, and more.
Source: Model D Media
Sep 18, 2023 - The Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine (TCHATT) program provides 64% of Texas public school students access to free mental health telemedicine. Notes that the program is especially beneficial in rural areas that are more likely to have a shortage of mental healthcare professionals and fewer school resources.
Source: ABC Amarillo
Sep 18, 2023 - Highlights a diversion program for people jailed with substance use or mental health condition in a rural and tribal Arizona county. Notes challenges include finding a provider to work through the program as well as ensuring culturally competent care and equitable access for the tribal population. Includes information on the grant used to fund the program.
Source: Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Department of Justice
Sep 15, 2023 - The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is seeking comment on an information collection request regarding revisions to data collections related to the National Substance Use and Mental Health Services Survey (N–SUMHSS). The N–SUMHSS is the most comprehensive national source of data on substance use and mental health treatment facilities. Comments are due by November 14, 2023.
Source: Federal Register
Sep 14, 2023 - The suicide rate in the U.S. grew 30% between 2000 and 2020. Includes a significant spike for Native Americans and Alaska Natives. Discusses historical inequities, lack of mental healthcare in tribal areas, and healthcare use trends by people at risk of suicide.
Source: Wyoming Public Media
Sep 13, 2023 - Discusses the challenges that come with providing family-based residential treatment for addiction in rural Minnesota. Notes that treatment in a family-based facility can improve pregnancy outcomes, increase chances of completing treatment, and keep families from being separated. Maternal opioid-related diagnoses have increased in recent years with a disproportionate rise seen in rural areas.
Source: KFF Health News
Sep 13, 2023 - Discusses police response to mental health crises in rural Georgia. Sheriffs in 6 rural counties have partnered to hire and share mental health professionals to respond to mental health crisis calls along with deputies. Describes challenges with the partnership including mental health workforce shortages and the need for funding.
Source: Georgia Public Broadcasting
Sep 11, 2023 - Call for approximately 15 experts to participate in developing the Blueprint for National Prevention Infrastructure for Behavioral Health Disorders. Goals include identifying funding needs, identifying gaps in research, and developing policy recommendations at the state and federal level. Nominations are due September 20th.
Source: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Sep 11, 2023 - Summary of a recent study investigating the impact of wildfire smoke on suicide rates. Finds that for each 10% increase in airborne particulate matter, monthly suicide rates in rural counties rise by 1.5% with the highest effect seen in rural white males of working age and no college education. Notes that this population already has a high suicide rate and is the most likely to work outdoors. Discusses potential impact of access to mental health and emergency care on this disparity.
Source: HealthDay, U.S. News & World Report