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WICHE Center for Rural Mental Health Research

Former (2004-2008) federally-funded Rural Health Research Center funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, focused on rural mental health.

Resources (9)

  • Addressing Suicide Potential and Prevention in Rural and Frontier Areas: Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Rural Primary Care Providers, 08/2009, view details
  • Assessment of the Mental Health Funding Marketplace in Rural vs. Urban Settings, 02/2010, view details
  • The Association Between Rural Residence and the Use, Type, and Quality of Depression Care, 2009, view details
  • Community-Level Risk Factors for Depression Hospitalizations, 09/2005, view details
  • Differences in Prescribing Patterns of Psychotropic Medication for Children and Adolescents between Rural and Urban Prescribers, 10/2009, view details
  • Distance Education Training in Behavioral Health: A Rural Primary Care Needs Assessment and Pilot Webcast, 08/2009, view details
  • Preventing Hospitalizations in Depressed Rural Primary Care Patients, 05/2007, view details
  • Rural Mental Health: Challenges and Opportunities Caring for the Country, 01/2003, view details
  • Rural-Urban Differences in Depression Care, 10/2009, view details