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Rural Health Information Hub

South Dakota Department of Health (SD DOH)

Provides public health services and resources to promote health and prevent disease. Oversees the recruitment assistance program and the Office of Rural Health.
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South Dakota

Upcoming Events (2)

  • 2024 South Dakota Healthcare Revolution Workforce Summit, Aug 12 - 13, 2024, view details
  • 2024 South Dakota Indigenous and Integrative Health Summit, Sep 24, 2024, view details

Funding & Opportunities (11)

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Resources (12)

  • American Indian Health Data Book Full Report Selected Health Concerns in South Dakota, 01/2024, view details
  • SIM - SD: Simulation in Motion - South Dakota, view details
  • South Dakota 2018 Healthcare Workforce Report, 2018, view details
  • South Dakota 2022 HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, 11/2022, view details
  • South Dakota Cancer Incidence & Mortality, view details
  • South Dakota Health Status Maps, 2021 Vital Statistics, 2021, view details
  • South Dakota Health Status Profiles by County, 12/2022, view details
  • South Dakota Healthcare Workforce Center - Newsletters, view details
  • South Dakota Rural Health Listserv, view details
  • South Dakota Vital Statistics Report: A State and County Comparison of Leading Health Indicators, 2021, 2021, view details
  • South Dakota's Regional Services Designation Ambulance System Study, 11/2023, view details
  • Suicide Surveillance, South Dakota, 09/2022, view details