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Maine Rural Health Research Center

One of the Rural Health Research Centers currently funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. Focuses on barriers to health access for rural residents and related topics, including health insurance coverage, Medicaid, behavioral health, long-term services and supports, and challenges faced by Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in delivering and sustaining services.
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Conducting Research, Needs Assessment, and Evaluation · Healthcare Access · Mental Health · Rural Health Policy · Substance Use and Misuse · Maine

Resources (79)

  • Access to Mental Health Services and Family Impact of Rural Children with Mental Health Problems, 10/2010, view details
  • Addressing Mental Health Workforce Needs in Underserved Rural Areas: Accomplishments and Challenges, 10/2001, view details
  • Admission Severity and Mortality Rates Among Rural and Urban Nursing Facility Residents with Dementia, 03/2001, view details
  • Adolescent Alcohol Use: Do Risk and Protective Factors Explain Rural-Urban Differences?, 03/2012, view details
  • Adoption and Use of Electronic Health Records by Rural Health Clinics: Results of a National Survey, 09/2015, view details
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences in Rural and Urban Contexts, 04/2016, view details
  • Are Rural Older Adults Benefiting from Increased State Spending on Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services?, 06/2016, view details
  • Availability, Characteristics, and Role of Detoxification Services in Rural Areas, 12/2009, view details
  • Capacity of Rural Counties to Address an HIV or Hepatitis C Outbreak, 02/2021, view details
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Mental Health Services in Rural Long-Term Care, 06/2013, view details
  • Characteristics and Roles of Rural Health Clinics in the United States: A Chartbook, 01/2003, view details
  • Developing Affordable Non-medical Residential Care in Rural Communities: Barriers and Opportunities, 09/2001, view details
  • Diabetes and the Rural Safety Net, 01/2002, view details
  • Distribution of Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities Across the Rural – Urban Continuum, 10/2007, view details
  • Encouraging Rural Health Clinics to Provide Mental Health Services, 05/2010, view details
  • Health Care Access and Use Among the Rural Uninsured, 11/2011, view details
  • The Health Care Costs of Financial Exploitation in Maine, 05/2019, view details
  • Health Care Use and Access among Rural and Urban Nonelderly Adult Medicare Beneficiaries, 01/2020, view details
  • Health Information Exchange: A Strategy for Improving Access for Rural Veterans in the Maine Flex Rural Veterans Health Access Program, 05/2016, view details
  • Health Insurance CO-OPs: Product Availability and Premiums in Rural Counties, 10/2016, view details
  • Health Insurance Coverage of Low-Income Rural Children Increases and Is More Continuous Following CHIP Implementation, 03/2014, view details
  • Health Insurance Coverage of the Rural and Urban Near Elderly, 10/2003, view details
  • Health Status and Access to Care among Maine's Low-Income Childless Adults: Implications for State Medicaid Expansion, 2019, view details
  • High Deductible Health Insurance Plans in Rural Areas, 05/2014, view details
  • Impact of Employment Transitions on Health Insurance Coverage of Rural Residents, 10/2010, view details
  • Implications of Rural Residence and Single Mother Status for Maternal Smoking Behaviors, 10/2015, view details
  • Implications of Rurality and Psychiatric Status for Diabetic Care Use among Adults with Diabetes, 05/2014, view details
  • Innovations in Rural Health System Development: Governance, 11/2016, view details
  • Innovations in Rural Health System Development: Moving Rural Health Systems to Value-Based Payment, 10/2016, view details
  • Innovations in Rural Health System Development: Recruiting and Retaining Maine's Health Care Workforce, 11/2016, view details
  • Innovations in Rural Health System Development: Service Delivery Advances in Care Coordination, Emergency Care, and Telehealth, 10/2016, view details
  • Integrated Care for Older Adults in Rural Communities, 05/2014, view details
  • Integrated Care Management in Rural Communities, 05/2014, view details
  • Knowledge of Health Insurance Concepts and the Affordable Care Act among Rural Residents, 07/2017, view details
  • Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Record by Rural Health Clinics, 02/2014, view details
  • Medicaid Income Eligibility Transitions Among Rural Adults, 08/2018, view details
  • Medicaid Managed Behavioral Health in Rural Areas, 01/2001, view details
  • Mental Health Encounters in Critical Access Hospital Emergency Rooms: A National Survey, 09/2005, view details
  • Mental Health Services in Rural Jails, 08/2010, view details
  • Mental Health Services in Rural Long-Term Care: Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement, 06/2013, view details
  • Opioid-Related Visits to Rural Emergency Departments, 02/2021, view details
  • Patterns of Care for Rural and Urban Children with Mental Health Problems, 06/2013, view details
  • Patterns of Health Insurance Among Rural and Urban Children, 11/2001, view details
  • Pilot Testing a Rural Health Clinic Quality Measurement Reporting System, 02/2016, view details
  • Preventive Health Service Use among Rural Women, 04/2019, view details
  • Private Health Insurance in Rural Areas: Challenges and Opportunities, 04/2009, view details
  • Profile of Rural Health Insurance Coverage: A Chartbook, 06/2009, view details
  • Profile of Rural Residential Care Facilities: A Chartbook, 05/2014, view details
  • The Provision of Mental Health Services by Rural Health Clinics, 05/2010, view details
  • Residential Settings and Healthcare Use of the Rural "Oldest-Old" Medicare Population, 03/2018, view details
  • The Role of Community Mental Health Centers As Rural Safety Net Providers, 11/2002, view details
  • The Role of Public Versus Private Health Insurance in Ensuring Health Care Access & Affordability for Low-Income Rural Children, 05/2017, view details
  • The Role of Rural Hospitals in Addressing Opioid and Other Substance Use Problems, 01/2018, view details
  • The Rural Active Living Assessment (RALA) Tools, 06/2009, view details
  • Rural Adults Delay, Forego, and Strategize to Afford Their Pre-ACA Health Care, 11/2015, view details
  • Rural Adults Face Parity Problems & Other Barriers to Appropriate Mental Health Care, 11/2008, view details
  • Rural Children Don't Receive the Mental Health Care They Need, 01/2009, view details
  • Rural Coverage Gaps Decline Following Public Health Insurance Expansions, 02/2009, view details
  • Rural Disabled Medicare Beneficiaries Spend More Out-of-Pocket Than Their Urban Counterparts, 11/2015, view details
  • Rural Families More Likely to be Uninsured and Have Different Sources of Coverage, 06/2007, view details
  • Rural Health Clinic Costs and Medicare Reimbursement, 11/2019, view details
  • Rural Health Clinic Participation in the Merit-Based Incentive System and Other Quality Reporting Initiatives: Challenges and Opportunities, 07/2018, view details
  • Rural Health Clinic Readiness for Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition: Preparing for the Evolving Healthcare Marketplace, 01/2015, view details
  • Rural Health Research in Progress in the Rural Health Research Centers Program, 10th Edition, 02/2006, view details
  • Rural Health Research in Progress in the Rural Health Research Centers Program, 9th Edition, 02/2005, view details
  • Rural HIV Prevalence and Service Availability in the United States: A Chartbook, 02/2021, view details
  • Rural Inpatient Psychiatric Units Improve Access to Community-Based Mental Health Services, but Medicare Payment Policy a Barrier, 08/2007, view details
  • Rural Opioid Abuse: Prevalence and User Characteristics, 02/2016, view details
  • Rural Opioid Prevention and Treatment Strategies: The Experience in Four States, 04/2017, view details
  • Rural Residents More Likely to be Underinsured, 2006, view details
  • Rural-Urban Differences in Health Care Access Vary Across Measures, 06/2009, view details
  • Rural-Urban Differences in Work Patterns Among Adults With Depressive Symptoms, 03/2008, view details
  • Rural-Urban Residence and Mortality among Three Cohorts of U.S. Adults, 05/2020, view details
  • Safety Net Activities of Independent Rural Health Clinics, 09/2010, view details
  • State Licensure Laws and the Mental Health Professions: Implications for the Rural Mental Health Workforce, 10/2002, view details
  • Substance Abuse Among Rural Youth: A Little Meth and a Lot of Booze, 06/2007, view details
  • Substance Use among Rural and Urban Youth and Young Adults, 11/2020, view details
  • Telehealth Use in Rural Medicaid: A Baseline Inventory, 05/2017, view details
  • Telemental Health in Today's Rural Health System, 12/2013, view details