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Provides unbiased analysis and information on the challenges, needs, and opportunities facing rural America. Works to help policymakers understand the rural impacts of public policies and programs.
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Resources (35)

  • Affordable Insurance Exchanges and Enrollment: Meeting Rural Needs, 01/2012, view details
  • The American Community Survey: What It Means for County Data, 03/2010, view details
  • Availability and Use of Health Plan Choices in Rural America: Medicare+Choice, Commercial HMO, and Federal Employees Health Benefit Program Plans, 10/2003, view details
  • Broadband Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities in Rural America, 03/2014, view details
  • Climate Change and Rural Communities in the U.S., 08/2009, view details
  • Comment on Recommendations from the Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Area Standards Review Committee to Changes in Metropolitan and Micropolitan Area Standards, 03/2021, view details
  • A Community Based Framework for Understanding Problems and Exploring Alternatives: Connecting Underemployment, Poverty and Access to Health Care in the Mississippi Delta, 02/2006, view details
  • Continuing on the Road to Value, 01/2021, view details
  • Distance and Networks: A Regional Analysis of Health Insurance Marketplaces, 01/2018, view details
  • Evolving Roles of Rural Hospitals: Evidence from Pandemic Experiences, 07/2021, view details
  • Frontier Extended Stay Clinic Evaluation, 04/2012, view details
  • Future of Population Health Efforts for Rural Health Systems, 11/2022, view details
  • The Geography of Need: Identifying Human Service Needs in Rural America, 06/2011, view details
  • How Rural Communities Adapt to Hospital Closure, 06/2019, view details
  • The Interface of Policy Dynamics and Transforming Rural Health Care Services, 06/2019, view details
  • Local and Regional Food Systems for Rural Futures, 11/2010, view details
  • Medicare Accountable Care Organizations: Presence in Rural America, 06/2023, view details
  • Medicare Advantage: It's Here, Now What?, 02/2024, view details
  • Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 (P.L. 108-173): A Summary of Provisions Important to Rural Health Care Delivery, 01/2004, view details
  • Meeting Needs in Rural Health: Research, Action, Policy, 02/2019, view details
  • Micropolitan America: A New and Critical Part of the Nation's Geography, 11/2015, view details
  • A Path Forward: The Rural Healthcare System of the Future, 06/2023, view details
  • Persistent Poverty Dynamics: Understanding Poverty Trends Over 50 Years, 07/2014, view details
  • Policy and Research Update: Financial Models for Rural Hospitals, 02/2024, view details
  • Regional Resilience: Research and Policy Brief, 02/2012, view details
  • Responding to Behavioral Health Needs in Rural America, 07/2020, view details
  • Rethinking Federal Investments in Rural Transportation: Rural Considerations Regarding Reauthorization of the Surface Transportation Act, 04/2011, view details
  • Rural Health Policy for the Next Decade: Changes are Upon Us, 10/2023, view details
  • Rural Health Policy Landscape: Implications for Addressing Behavioral Health, 07/2023, view details
  • The Rural Hospital and Health System Affiliation Landscape - A Brief Review, 11/2018, view details
  • The State of Human Services in Rural America, 2009, view details
  • Strategic Choice in Developing Telemedicine - Observations from Three Organizations, 12/2019, view details
  • Sustaining Essential Rural Health Services Through Changes in Payment and Related Public Policies, 09/2023, view details
  • Technology and Rural Health Care: Rural Administrators and Hospital Perspective, 04/2024, view details
  • Why Definitions Matter: Rural Definitions and State Poverty Rankings, 03/2010, view details