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Rural Health Information Hub

Farmworker Justice Fund, Inc. (FJF)

Works to empower migrant and seasonal farmworkers to improve their wages and working conditions, labor and immigration policy, health and safety, and access to justice.
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Migrant Health

Resources (12)

  • Barriers Encountered by Agricultural Workers Seeking Specialty Care and Potential Solutions, 12/2018, view details
  • COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Protections for Agricultural Workers, 12/2020, view details
  • Exposed and at Risk – Opportunities to Strengthen Enforcement of Pesticide Regulations for Farmworker Safety, 09/2022, view details
  • Exposed and Ignored: How Pesticides are Endangering Our Nation's Farmworkers, 2013, view details
  • Farmworker Health Network: 2020 Key Resources for Agricultural Worker Health, 2020, view details
  • Farmworkers' Rights Under State Employment Laws: An Interactive Map, view details
  • Health Care Access, view details
  • The Impact of Language on Health Care Accessibility, 06/2022, view details
  • Lessons from the Fields: Farmworker Communities Confronting COVID-19, 2021, view details
  • Perceptions of Diabetes in Agricultural Worker Communities, 2018, view details
  • Unfinished Harvest: The Agricultural Worker Protection Act at 30, 12/2013, view details
  • The Unidos Initiative: Mobilizing to Eliminate Barriers to Health and Healthcare in Farmworker Communities, view details