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Arizona Center for Rural Health (AzCRH)

Promotes the health of rural and medically underserved individuals, families, and communities through service, education, and research.
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Upcoming Events (2)

  • HIV Testing and Prevention: How Arizona Health Workers Can Help End the Epidemic, Dec 19, 2017, view details
  • 2018 Annual Arizona Rural & Public Health Policy Forum, Jan 24, 2018, view details

Resources (8)

  • Arizona Critical Access Hospital Designation Manual, 11/2016, view details
  • Arizona Rural Health Clinic Designation Manual, 02/2015, view details
  • Arizona Rural Health Plan 2005-2007, 12/2004, view details
  • AzCRH 2015 Arizona Pharmacist Supply and Demand Study Report, 02/2016, view details
  • AzCRH 2015 Safety Net Health Care in Arizona Report, 02/2016, view details
  • AzCRH 2015 Supply and Demand Study of Arizona Health Practitioners and Professionals, 02/2016, view details
  • Northern Arizona Rural Health Policy Assembly: What We Learned and What We Recommend, 12/2010, view details
  • On the Edge of Opportunity: A Review of the Public Behavioral Health System in Rural Arizona, 03/2011, view details