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Rural Health Information Hub

Western Rural Development Center (WRDC)

Participates in rural development research and extension projects cooperatively with universities in the West. Includes a rural health initiative. Serves Washington, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, Hawaii, California, Arizona, Alaska, Oregon, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, and 4 U.S. Pacific Territories.
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Alaska · American Samoa · Arizona · California · Colorado · Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands · Guam · Hawaii · Idaho · Montana · Nevada · New Mexico · Oregon · Utah · Washington · Wyoming

Resources (5)

  • Hope for the Best and Plan for the Worst: Can You Age-in-Place in YOUR Home?, 2016, view details
  • Illicit Drug Abuse in Rural Communities, 2016, view details
  • An Overview of Farm Labor in the United States, 11/2013, view details
  • Rural Connections, view details
  • Western Rural Development Center 2021 Annual Report, 03/2022, view details