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National Institute on Aging (NIA)

Leads a broad scientific effort to understand the nature of aging and to extend the healthy, active years of life. Provides leadership in aging research, training, health information dissemination, and other programs relevant to aging and older people.

Upcoming Events (1)

  • Focus on Aging - Federal Partners' Webinar: Communicating Dementia Risk Information, May 20, 2021, view details

Funding & Opportunities (9)

  • Community Interventions to Address the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic among Health Disparity and Vulnerable Populations (R01- Clinical Trial Optional), view details
  • Dementia Care: Home- and Community-Based Services (R21 and R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed), view details
  • Digital Healthcare Interventions to Address the Secondary Health Effects Related to Social, Behavioral, and Economic Impact of COVID-19 (R01 Clinical Trial Optional), view details
  • Firearm Injury and Mortality Prevention Research (R01 and R21/R33 Clinical Trial Optional), view details
  • HEAL Initiative: Pragmatic and Implementation Studies for the Management of Pain to Reduce Opioid Prescribing (UG3/UH3, Clinical Trials Optional), view details
  • Improving Patient Adherence to Treatment and Prevention Regimens to Promote Health (R01 and R21 Clinical Trial Optional), view details
  • Long-Term Effects of Disasters on Health Care Systems Serving Health Disparity Populations (R01- Clinical Trial Optional), view details
  • Research on Biopsychosocial Factors of Social Connectedness and Isolation on Health, Well Being, Illness, and Recovery (R01 Clinical Trials Not Allowed), view details
  • Understanding and Addressing the Impact of Structural Racism and Discrimination on Minority Health and Health Disparities (R01 Clinical Trial Optional), view details

Resources (1)

  • Aging Well in the 21st Century: Strategic Directions for Research on Aging, 2016, view details