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U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)

The Department of Labor fosters and promotes the welfare of the job seekers, wage earners, and retirees of the United States by improving their working conditions, advancing their opportunities for profitable employment, protecting their retirement and health care benefits, helping employers find workers, strengthening free collective bargaining, and tracking changes in employment, prices, and other national economic measurements.

Funding & Opportunities (9)

  • Brookwood-Sago Mine Safety Grants, view details
  • H-1B Rural Healthcare Grant Program, view details
  • Mine Health and Safety Grants, view details
  • Reentry Projects - Adults and Young Adults, view details
  • Stand Down Grants, view details
  • Support to Communities: Fostering Opioid Recovery Through Workforce Development Grant Program, view details
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Indian and Native American Program - Employment and Training Grants, view details
  • Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities (WORC): Grant Initiative for the Appalachian and Delta Regions, view details
  • YouthBuild Grants, view details

Resources (5)

  • Essential Protections During the COVID-19 Pandemic, 08/2021, view details
  • Findings from the National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) 2000-2009: Profiles of Youth, Parents, and Children of Farm Workers in the United States, 11/2014, view details
  • Findings from the National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) 2015-2016: A Demographic and Employment Profile of United States Farmworkers, 01/2018, view details
  • National Agricultural Workers Survey: Agricultural Worker Tables, view details
  • National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS), view details