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Rural Health Information Hub

Southwest Rural Health Research Center (SRHRC)

One of the Rural Health Research Centers currently funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. Offers expertise in health policy, chronic disease, health economics, aging, long-term care, health law, and epidemiology and biostatistics. Focuses on the needs of rural, underserved populations in Texas and nationwide.
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Chronic Disease · Conducting Research, Needs Assessment, and Evaluation · Texas

Resources (22)

  • Analysis of an Innovative Approach to Target Rural Communities in Public Health Funding, 03/2023, view details
  • Are Rural Infants Benefiting from WIC Food Package Rule Changes? Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding Behaviors, 02/2020, view details
  • Cancer Mortality in Rural America 1999-2016, 11/2018, view details
  • The Co-Occurrence of HIV and Opioid Mortality in Rural and Urban America from 1999-2018, 06/2021, view details
  • Community Health Worker (CHW) Certification and Training: A National Survey of Regionally and State-Based Programs, 05/2005, view details
  • Community Health Worker Roles and Responsibilities in Rural and Urban America, 11/2019, view details
  • The Development of Telehealth Laws in the U.S. from 2008 to 2015: A Legal Landscape, 11/2019, view details
  • Diabetes and Forgone Medical Care Due to Cost in the U.S. (2011-2015): Individual-level & Placed-based Disparities, 08/2017, view details
  • Diabetes Mortality in Rural America: 1999-2015, 08/2017, view details
  • Diabetes-Related Hospital Mortality in Rural America: A Significant Cause for Concern, 03/2018, view details
  • Have Healthy People 2020 Benchmarks for Leading Causes of Death Been Met in Rural and Urban Areas?, 08/2019, view details
  • Healthy People 2020 Progress for Leading Causes of Death in Rural and Urban America: A Chartbook, 03/2020, view details
  • Influenza and Pertussis Vaccination Rates Among Pregnant Women in Rural and Urban Areas, 04/2021, view details
  • Post-Acute Skilled Nursing Care Availability in Rural United States, 07/2020, view details
  • Prevalence and Mortality of Heart Disease and Related Conditions: Disparities Affecting the South, Rural Areas, and American Indian and Alaska Natives, 11/2019, view details
  • Rural Healthy People 2010, 2003, view details
  • Rural Healthy People 2020: A Companion Document to Healthy People 2020, Volume 1, 2015, view details
  • Rural Healthy People 2020: A Companion Document to Healthy People 2020, Volume 2, 2015, view details
  • Rural Healthy People 2030: Common Challenges, Rural Nuances, 05/2023, view details
  • Rural Versus Urban Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence-Related Emergency Department Visits, 2009-2014, 08/2020, view details
  • Rural-Urban Variations in Travel Burdens for Care: Findings from the 2017 National Household Travel Survey, 07/2021, view details
  • Trends in Singleton Preterm Birth by Rural Status in the U.S., 2012-2018, 04/2021, view details