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Rural Health Information Hub

Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC)

Develops and promotes bipartisan solutions that would attract public support and political momentum to achieve progress.

Resources (20)

  • Addressing Rural Hospital Closures Through Infrastructure Reform, 08/2019, view details
  • Answering The Call: 988 - A New Vision for Crisis Response, 06/2022, view details
  • The Appalachia Initiative: A Bipartisan Approach for the 21st Century, 09/2017, view details
  • Child Care in 25 States: What We Know and Don't Know, 10/2020, view details
  • COVID-19 and Rural Hospital Struggles, 05/2020, view details
  • COVID-19: Urgent Federal Actions to Accelerate America's Response, 01/2021, view details
  • Ending HIV in America: Policy and Program Insights From Local Health Agencies and Providers, 09/2019, view details
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on the Rural Health Care Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities, 05/2022, view details
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Services Utilization, 05/2021, view details
  • Next Steps for the Rural Emergency Hospital Model, 09/2022, view details
  • Not Your Mother's Healthcare: Surveying Consumer Experiences with Telehealth Services, 08/2021, view details
  • Public Health Forward: Modernizing the U.S. Public Health System, 12/2021, view details
  • Reinventing Rural Health Care: A Case Study of Seven Upper Midwest States, 01/2018, view details
  • Righting a Wrong: Advancing Equity in Child Care Funding for American Indian & Alaska Native Families, 04/2022, view details
  • Rural Aging: Health and Community Policy Implications for Reversing Social Isolation, 07/2018, view details
  • Tackling America's Mental Health and Addiction Crisis Through Primary Care Integration, 03/2021, view details
  • Telehealth Visit Use Among U.S. Adults, 08/2021, view details
  • Tracking Federal Funding to Combat the Opioid Crisis, 03/2019, view details
  • Tracking FY2019 Federal Funding to Combat the Opioid Crisis, 09/2020, view details
  • Transforming Health Care: The Role of Health IT, 01/2012, view details