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Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO)

Informs Ohio health policy by forecasting health trends, analyzing key health issues, and communicating current research to policymakers, state agencies, and other decision-makers. Includes publications and tools.
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Resources (7)

  • A New Approach to Reduce Infant Mortality and Achieve Equity: Policy Recommendations to Improve Housing, Transportation, Education and Employment, 12/2017, view details
  • Assessment of Child Health and Health Care in Ohio, 09/2018, view details
  • Health Policy Brief: Connections Between Income and Health, 09/2017, view details
  • Health Policy Brief: The Health Policy Institute of Ohio's Telehealth Leadership Summit, Key Findings and Considerations, 08/2013, view details
  • Health Policy Brief: The Role of Diversity in Ohio's Health Workforce, 04/2014, view details
  • Ohio Addiction Policy Inventory and Scorecard: Overdose Reversal and Other Forms of Harm Reduction, 11/2018, view details
  • Regional Forum Findings: A Component of the 2019 State Health Assessment, 12/2018, view details