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Rural Health Information Hub

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO)

Represents state and territorial public health agencies in the U.S., including the District of Columbia. Works to inform public health policy and practice, advocate for public health professionals, and provide technical assistance to public health agencies. Includes a Public Health Preparedness Policy Committee to assist public health agencies responding to public health threats and emergencies.
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Emergency Preparedness and Response · Public Health Agencies · Rural Health Policy

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Resources (25)

  • Addressing Rural Health Disparities in a Pandemic, 08/2020, view details
  • Addressing the Impact of Rural Hospital Closures on Maternal and Infant Health, 06/2023, view details
  • ASTHO Legislative Prospectus: Rural Health, 12/2021, view details
  • ASTHO Profile of State and Territorial Public Health, Volume Four, 2017, view details
  • Bridging the Gap: Ensuring Vaccine Equity for Native Communities, 04/2023, view details
  • Forming Partnerships to Increase Rural Immunization Rates, 08/2023, view details
  • Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Initiatives in Three USAPI Jurisdictions, 05/2020, view details
  • How Community Health Workers Are Impacting Rural Communities, 04/2023, view details
  • Improving Access to Risk Appropriate Care and Maternal Health Outcomes through Provider Engagement, 05/2023, view details
  • Improving Financial Access to Maternal and Infant Care in Rural Areas, 06/2023, view details
  • Increasing Access to Contraception: Rural Health, 02/2019, view details
  • Innovations in Overdose Response: Strategies Implemented by Emergency Medical Services Providers, 07/2021, view details
  • Introduction to Multi-Sector Intersections and Collaborations to Advance Health Equity, 2018, view details
  • Legislative Action Bridging Public Health and Clinical Healthcare, 01/2024, view details
  • Lessons Learned from the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands COVID-19 Response, 01/2021, view details
  • Maintaining Patient Access to Care in Rural America, 08/2023, view details
  • North Dakota Tests Innovative Health IT Approaches to Improve Hypertension Identification and Control in Workplaces, 03/2019, view details
  • Overdose Prevention Policy Considerations: A Policy Playbook for State and Territorial Health Officials and Agencies, 01/2024, view details
  • Public Health's Role in Telehealth, 04/2022, view details
  • Scope of Practice Policy, view details
  • Social Determinants of Health: A Quick Reference Guide for State Offices of Rural Health and State and Territorial Health Officials, 09/2017, view details
  • State Approaches for Addressing Rural Social Determinants of Health, view details
  • States Work to Support Rural Hospitals Despite Pandemic Challenges, 04/2021, view details
  • Supporting Resilience in Rural Areas Through Cross-Sector Partnerships, 12/2023, view details
  • Telehealth and Licensure Policies Improving Healthcare Access for Rural Communities, 01/2023, view details