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Rural Telehealth Research Center

One of the Rural Health Research Centers currently funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. Focuses on building the evidence base for telehealth, especially in rural settings. A collaboration of the University of Iowa, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and the University of Southern Maine.
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Conducting Research, Needs Assessment, and Evaluation ยท Telehealth

Resources (5)

  • Identifying Measures and Data Elements for the HRSA Evidence-Based Tele-Emergency Network Grant Program, 03/2020, view details
  • Improving Access to High Quality Sepsis Care in a South Dakota Emergency Telemedicine Network, 08/2017, view details
  • Measure and Data Element Identification for the HRSA Evidence-Based Tele-Behavioral Health Network Program and the HRSA Substance Abuse Treatment Telehealth Network Grant Program, 04/2020, view details
  • Process of Identifying Measures and Data Elements for the HRSA School-Based Telehealth Network Grant Program, 05/2020, view details
  • Telemedicine Penetration and Consultation Among Rural Trauma Patients in Critical Access Hospital Emergency Departments in North Dakota, 09/2016, view details