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Rural Health Information Hub

Center for Economic Analysis of Rural Health (CEARH)

Provides tools and research for rural communities to explore the connection between healthcare services and the economy in their community. Organization is comprised of University of Kentucky and Oklahoma State University faculty and staff associated with the Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky (CEDIK).
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Community Vitality and Rural Healthcare ยท Conducting Research, Needs Assessment, and Evaluation

Resources (6)

  • 2023 Kentucky Nursing Workforce Report, 2024, view details
  • Community Sociodemographics and Rural Hospital Survival Analysis, 01/2023, view details
  • County Data Maps from CEARH, view details
  • County-Level Availability of Obstetric Care and Economic Implications of Hospital Closures on Obstetric Care, 07/2022, view details
  • Higher Electronic Health Record (EHR) Functionality Lowers Urban Hospital Costs but Rural Impacts Are Minimal, 09/2021, view details
  • Review of Rural U.S. Economic and Health Care Trends, 09/2022, view details