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Rural Project Examples: Accountable Care Organizations

funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Community Care Partnership of Maine Accountable Care Organization
Updated/reviewed February 2018
  • Need: To increase access and quality of care for Medicare, Medicaid, uninsured, and commercial patients in rural Maine.
  • Intervention: 3 hospitals and 8 Federally Qualified Health Centers in Maine formed the Community Care Partnership of Maine Accountable Care Organization (CCPM ACO).
  • Results: CCPM serves about 70,000 patients in Maine. In addition, it implemented ACO shared savings plans with Maine Medicaid, Medicare, and five commercial health insurance payers in the state.
SERving PAtients-ACO (SERPA-ACO)
Updated/reviewed January 2018
  • Need: Lower costs, improve quality, and increase care coordination for rural Nebraska patients.
  • Intervention: Accountable Care Organization originally formed by nine Nebraska clinics.
  • Results: Patient-centered medical homes were established that reduced hospitalizations and unnecessary medical procedures.
Trinity Pioneer ACO
Updated/reviewed December 2017
  • Need: Transitioning from fee-for-service models to valued-based payment models in rural Iowa
  • Intervention: In 2011, the Trinity ACO was formed in rural Iowa after being selected by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation as 1 of the 32 planned Medicare Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations.
  • Results: Now part of the Next Generation ACO, Trinity continues to bring attention to rural-specific organizations using its focus on palliative medicine and effective strategies to distribute value-based services.
Beacon Health Accountable Care Organization
Updated/reviewed November 2017
  • Need: To implement coordinated healthcare to improve patient health, increase patient engagement, and reduce the overall cost of medical services in Maine.
  • Intervention: The Beacon Health Network was launched to focus on patient-centered care to improve overall wellness and reduce ever-increasing healthcare costs.
  • Results: Through care coordination, Beacon Health has improved provider efficiency, increased healthcare quality, and lowered costs for patients.
Illinois Rural Community Care Organization
Updated/reviewed August 2017
  • Need: To improve value-based care and organize the efforts of rural Illinois' independent providers with a shared vision of population health management.
  • Intervention: A Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organization (MSSP ACO) was established that participates in federal and state repayment programs.
  • Results: The newly formed ACO is one of the first statewide ACOs to establish local care coordination programs that encompass hospital, clinic and practice settings.
Becoming the Chautauqua Region Rural Accountable Care Organization
Updated/reviewed June 2016
  • Need: Better care coordination among healthcare facilities and community-based services in order to achieve cost savings and higher quality healthcare for the patients.
  • Intervention: The development of an Accountable Care Organization.
  • Results: Quality performance metrics have continued to improve each year and cost savings have been achieved.