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Florida Models and Innovations

These stories feature model programs and successful rural projects that can serve as a source of ideas. Some of the projects or programs may no longer be active. Read about the criteria and evidence-base for programs included.

Effective Examples

Patient Care Connect
Updated/reviewed December 2017
  • Need: Cancer patients living in the Deep South encounter multiple barriers in accessing regular cancer treatment.
  • Intervention: The University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center developed a program that uses lay patient navigators to support and direct patients to appropriate resources to overcome barriers to accessing care.
  • Results: The program has become a model for improving cancer care quality, decreasing unnecessary utilization (ER visits and hospitalizations), removing barriers to care, and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Promising Examples

funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Heartland Rural Health Network
Updated/reviewed November 2017
  • Need: To assist diabetic patients in rural Florida with chronic disease management.
  • Intervention: Heartland Rural Health Network set out to expand the Diabetes Master Clinician Program and implement healthy eating in 4 Florida counties.
  • Results: Initial participating clinics exceeded national averages of successful management of diabetes. The program remains active and successful.

Other Project Examples

funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Connecting the Chronically Ill
Updated/reviewed August 2017
  • Need: Baker County, Florida, had many residents living with chronic illnesses and limited access to healthcare services.
  • Intervention: Connecting the Chronically Ill was started to provide Baker County's most vulnerable, chronically ill residents with medical services and health education.
  • Results: The program provided services to almost 400 residents and health education to nearly 900 residents, and it helped reform the area's judicial system for inmates with substance abuse and mental health issues.
funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy CommunityHealth IT Network
Added February 2016
  • Need: Rural communities in Florida often lack enough financial and technical support to fully implement health information technology (HIT) within their healthcare practices.
  • Intervention: The Rural Health Partnership of North Central Florida founded an organization that helps rural providers understand the benefits, risks, and opportunities of HIT while providing the means to invest in HIT programs.
  • Results: Through the efforts of CommunityHealth IT, 65% of rural hospitals served have achieved Meaningful Use.

Last Updated: 12/18/2017