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New Mexico Funding & Opportunities

New Mexico Human Services Department Primary Care Physician Training Program Inactive
Funding to create new, or expand existing, primary care graduate medical education (GME) programs in New Mexico.
Geographic coverage: New Mexico
Letter of Intent (Optional): Nov 15, 2022
Application Deadline: Feb 28, 2023
Sponsors: New Mexico Human Services Department, New Mexico Primary Care Training Consortium
Save the Children Rural Child Hunger Innovation Lab Inactive
Flexible grant funding, a training/planning incubation workshop, ongoing technical assistance, and a community learning cohort for rural communities to plan, design, and implement creative approaches to address child hunger.
Geographic coverage: Available in 13 states
Letter of Intent (Required): Oct 14, 2022
Application Deadline: Nov 11, 2022
Sponsor: Save the Children
Medicare Savings Programs Grant Inactive
Grants to educate, engage, and enroll eligible older adults with low income in Medicare Savings Programs. The program is available in 21 states and Puerto Rico and has a focus on underserved populations, including minorities and those living in rural communities.
Geographic coverage: Available in 22 U.S. states and territories
Application Deadline: Aug 3, 2022
Sponsor: AARP
Native Youth on the Move Grants Inactive
Grants to support existing projects that focus on improving and sustaining native youth health in New Mexico in the areas of physical activity, access to healthy foods, youth leadership, and cultural connections.
Geographic coverage: New Mexico
Application Deadline: Jun 3, 2022
Sponsor: Notah Begay III Foundation
EPA Region 6 Healthy Environmental Living Program Grant Inactive
Funding for communities in EPA Region 6 to reduce environmental risk to protect and improve human health and quality of life.
Geographic coverage: EPA Region 6 states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas
Application Deadline: Jan 28, 2022
Sponsor: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program Inactive
Grants to support healthcare organizations in implementing cancer screening programs; developing education programs; disseminating information on radiogenic diseases; screening eligible individuals for cancer and other radiogenic diseases; providing appropriate referrals; and facilitating documentation of Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) claims.
Geographic coverage: Available in 12 states
Application Deadline: Oct 28, 2019
Sponsors: Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Last Updated: 10/19/2022