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Rural Health Information Hub

Module 3: Program Clearinghouse

This section provides examples of rural programs addressing unintentional injuries in their communities. The HRSA Federal Office of Rural Health Policy has funded several programs in rural areas with the goal of reducing unintentional injuries as part of the Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program through the Healthy Rural Hometown Initiative. This program focuses on expanding access to healthcare services in rural areas with the goal of addressing health disparities.

Examples of federal grantees and other organizations that have developed promising programs designed to reduce unintentional injuries in a rural community are provided in this module. For more information about evidence-based and promising approaches for reducing unintentional injuries described in this section, see Module 2.

  • Alabama Department of Public Health
    Synopsis: The Alabama Department of Public Health offers resources and community education to promote infant safe sleep practices across the state of Alabama.
  • Benton-Franklin Health District
    Synopsis: Safe Kids Benton-Franklin is a coalition of organizations in Benton and Franklin Counties, Washington that promote safe childhood behaviors and activities to reduce unintentional injuries, including a focus on child traffic safety and water safety.
  • Chautauqua Safety Village
    Synopsis: The Chautauqua Safety Village provides interactive safety education across the lifespan on a variety of topics, such as traffic safety and fire safety.
  • North Dakota State University Extension
    Synopsis: The North Dakota State University Extension leads falls prevention programs for older adults in North Dakota, including Stepping On. Stepping On is an evidence-based exercise program designed by the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging to prevent falls among older adults.
  • Ponca Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma Injury Prevention Office
    Synopsis: The Ponca Tribe Injury Prevention Program offers several services designed to reduce falls among older adults, including home modification, risk assessments, exercise-based fall prevention, and community education.
  • Southcentral Foundation Rural Anchorage Area Health Network
    Synopsis: The Rural Anchorage Area Health Network is a group of healthcare organizations that provides ATV safety awareness and education to providers and community members in the Anchorage Service Unit.
  • Rural Firefighters Delivering Agricultural Safety and Health Program (RF-DASH)
    Synopsis: The Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH) is implementing the Rural Firefighters Delivering Agricultural Safety and Health (RF-DASH) program to equip rural firefighters with the resources and training to improve safety and identify hazards on local farms.
  • Vermont Department of Public Safety Division of Fire Safety
    Synopsis: The Vermont Division of Fire Safety provides fire safety education and services to reduce unintentional fire injuries in rural Vermont.